“Unexpected” Male Found in Pre-Inca Tomb?

A gilded mask, found affixed to the front of a coffin, was among the treasures recently uncovered at San Jose de Moro, a site in Peru that once served as a cemetery for the pre-Inca Moche society, archaeologists announced this week.

The wooden coffin was unearthed earlier this year in the second room of a unique double-chambered tomb, which dates back to A.D. 850. Inside the coffin, the excavation team found a skeleton of a rattle-wielding elite male, a rare discovery at a site famous as the resting place for several powerful priestesses.

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1 Response to “Unexpected” Male Found in Pre-Inca Tomb?

  1. Hmmmm…obviously someone of importance. Perhaps a priest, as he was buried next to priestesses.


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