After Moon, ISRO,India eyes space

Kolkata, India: Riding high on the successful launch of Chandrayaan-I into space, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is ready for its manned mission to space in the next decade.

“A Rs 10,000 crore-project in this regard has already been forwarded to the Prime Minister’s Office and is awaiting approval. A satellite recovery programme for the whole project has been successfully completed,” said A S Kiran Kumar, Deputy Director, Space Application Centre, ISRO. Kumar, who was present at the Science City to attend a seminar, said the ISRO is considering a manned mission to space by 2020.

Sources at the ISRO, however, point out that the launch of the manned space mission depends on how quickly the Government gives it a green signal. With elections round the corner, the project may be delayed for a while.

Giving an overview of the activities of the ISRO, the scientists present at the seminar said the organisation is getting ready for a number of launches in the year 2009. Oceansat 2, the second IRS satellite for ocean research with an advanced ocean monitor will be launched next year. The satellite with an ocean-colour monitor will find out prospective fishing areas in the oceans, which may help the fishermen. Another weather satellite that will be launched next year is Insat 3D, next in the series of INSAT satellites.

Another satellite to be launched in 2009 is Resourcesat -2, which will give images of crop yield and also those related to land use and land mapping.

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