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Blogs for Future Teachers

Guest Post by Kaitlyn Cole Jumping into the teaching profession certainly poses quite the potential for intimidation. After all, the very fate of future generations does hang in the balance and all. But no novice educator has to ride off … Continue reading

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Leading Virtual High Schools in the U.S. And World

Guest Post by Tim Handorf To us, virtual high schools sound like something from The Jetsons, but instead of existing in a world with robot maids and flying cars, they’re here today, and they are really cool. These online schools … Continue reading

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Telling Stats on Female MBAs

Guest Post by Alissa Alvarez  Just a few decades ago, the thought of a woman owning a business or running a large multi-national company might have drawn sneers or snickers in the business world (and might still from those who … Continue reading

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Why Final Exams Might Be All Wrong?

Guest Post by Florine Church Eight Reasons Pretty much anything involving tests will rile up controversy in the education sector, particularly those of the standardized variety. But finals dredge up their own share of criticisms, and for reasons other than … Continue reading

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