Human Geography

Humanities and Geography 

Type and Form of Rural Houses in India


Clan, Gotra and Tribe

Tribes and Race

Tribes in India

Bishnoi Tribe

Naga Tribe

Gond Tribe

Toda People of India

Pygmies:African Peoples of the Rainforest

People of Maghalaya

Gujjar Tribe

Angami Tribe

Santhal:Largest Tribal Community in India

Tharu Tribe

Chhippa People

Migration and Population

Zero Population Growth

India’s Future in Agriculture

2 Responses to Human Geography

  1. Smruti Ranjan Patra says:

    Sir can you explain about the systematic study of Human Geography and what are the branches and scope of human geography.


  2. Smruti Ranjan Patra says:

    These are not enough source for Human Geography.systematically……….


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