The Transformation:A Special Web Series by Tetley Green Tea

We all want to transform our lives. Here is the good news. Tetley Green Tea is there to help us. The Transformation has finally started, and it may change your life by providing you the motivation that you need to transform your life. One can wonder that why everyone is so much excited about this new web series by Tetley Green Tea in association with This new web series is all about how 19 contestants achieve their fitness goals and bring a big positive change in their life by becoming fit. Burning fat is not easy, and that is why this web series is named as transformation as it will make you understand that this is not only about burning extra fat.The Tetley initiative will inspire by showing that how some people are transforming their lives.

The series has already gone live from October 14th. This series is going to feature 12 episodes, and the most amazing thing is that it is going to last for 12 weeks. 19 contestants will be working hard at the Bangalore’s state of the art Fitness Fight Club and Circuit. Ex-boxer and soldier, Austin Prakash owns this amazing martial arts gym and an amazing fitness center. The main goal is to make people realize that they too can transform their life by following a new fitness routine.

19 Contestants from Different Backgrounds

It is a fascinating show as the contestants are from different backgrounds. Following a very strict fitness routine may not be a challenge for people who do not have the habit of It, and this is the reason you may feel excited to watch the different episodes. Makeup artists, RJs, musicians and people from different backgrounds are going to work hard together to achieve athlete level fitness. Two contestants, one male, and one female contestant, will be getting the award of 1 Lakh for becoming superbly fit in few weeks.

Learn and Transform

This web series is going to impact the life of many. All those who will watch all the episodes will get to know that what type of diet and training the contestants are following for becoming fit. Workout recommendation that the 19 contestants have got from the best fitness experts is going to make them bring a change in their life. One should not miss out the opportunity of getting the best tips for getting fit.

The most frustrating thing for many people is that they end up putting weight, especially during the holidays. This special web series is making people know the way to stay fit during the holidays.

Learning from Mistakes: A Challenge

We all can learn a lot from mistakes. Life is a challenge. We have to keep redefining ourselves. Contestants will be learning these facts in the course of their journey from being fat to achieving athlete level fitness. Contestants will regularly be getting eliminated as they will be facing different individual and group challenges. Many contestants will be failing in achieving the desired level of fitness. You got to learn from their mistakes, and if you want to get fit, then you should not commit the same mistakes. We need to create our own path always.

This web series by Tetley Green Tea in association with is getting popular day by day. All the contestants are amazing and are highly passionate to transform.People are going to understand the benefits of green tea and balanced diet by watching the different episodes. Join the transformation.

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I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.
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1 Response to The Transformation:A Special Web Series by Tetley Green Tea

  1. Alok Singhal says:

    I feel this is a great initiative and will help many people realize the benefits of a proper exercise routine.

    It is difficult to watch for me being out of India, else this would have been a good addition to my routine.


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