Early Worlds / Recent Ruins

machines of urbanization

forum ruin

This studio tasks students to experiment with a new domestic architecture on the site of Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona. We will treat this site as a ruin. Architecture will conceive of itself as the act of a radical reinterpretation of the recent spatial productions of the capitalist world.

We depart on this project by marking an end. In whatever sense still possible, this project is the declaration of a terminal point of a recent history in which architecture has played a crucial role. This history is one whose lavish excesses, driven by an evermore abstract world economy, has found an eager partner in the architects and developers who design and produce exuberant architectures, immersive spaces and spectacular infrastructures—materializations of an immaterial financial network whose vast web touches down on selected sites around the globe with ever new formulae of spatial development and whose production occurs under the dubious auspices of…

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