Clean Your Untidy Computer and Increase Productivity

Rick sent it to me and I found it useful, so thought of sharing it with my community, that is you ALL. Here it is.Hope, it will be useful.

For some people, just the thought of cleaning out your computer’s files can cause anxiety. A cluttered desktop can make the task of finding important documents inefficient and time-consuming, but compiling a couple year’s worth of files can be a harrowing process for those who are not naturally organized.

Fortunately, a good plan of attack can ease those jitters and start you off on the right foot. This Clean Computer Calendar provided by SingleHop, an industry leader in cloud computing, is a three-week plan designed to help re-organize your files and remove old documents that are wasting valuable space on your hard drive.

This calendar is broken up into three stages: Organization, Prioritization, and Backup. The first stage focuses on compiling all of the files on your computer and organizing them into folder system that you’ll stick with. The second stage – Prioritization – is about prioritizing your files and placing anything you don’t need immediately into an archivable folder. Backup is the final stage that involves taking all of the files that you don’t need daily and moving them onto a separate drive (through either an external hard drive or dedicated private cloud) to free up extra space on your computer.

The most effective way to keep your computer clean is to prevent new clutter from forming, so remember to re-evaluate your files every few months to ensure that all of your documents are in their proper folders. By maintaining organized folders and archiving anything that doesn’t need to be accessed, you will not only increase your computer speed but also your overall productivity.

Clean Calendar

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