A Lowdown on Cancer Institutes in Delhi

Cancer  is, in fact, a group of diseases caused primarily due to abnormal cell growth. With the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body.

Cancer occur when cells in the body begin to grow chaotically. Normally, cells grow, divide, and produce more cells to keep the body healthy and functioning properly. Sometimes, due to many reasons, the process goes astray; cells keep dividing when new cells are not needed.The mass of extra cells forms a growth or tumor, which can be benign or malignant.

Not all tumors are cancerous.Benign tumors do not spread to other parts of the body.  There are more than hundred different known cancers that affect humans! The cancer treatment procedure is undertaken in select hospitals and the patients undergoing this requires specialized care as well medication.Main Cancer treatment  include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy and biological therapy.The treatment can be very expensive, and people may sometimes find it difficult to pay off the bills.

Some of the best Cancer treatment  offering good and affordable hospitals in Delhi are listed below:

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Cente

 Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute is  dedicated to treating cancer patients. It is a non-profit hospital and research centre. The Institute has a team of  experienced oncology team who look into treating the patients. It is situated in Sector -5, Rohini.

Apollo Cancer Institute

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital  has the latest and the advanced technology to combat cancer. There is also  a Psycho-oncological counseling service that help patients to be prepared for the treatment and  help them adjust to side effects of treatment like radiation therapy.

Dharamshila Hospital

Dharamshila Cancer Foundation and Research Centre was established  in the year 1990.The highly trained onchologists in Delhi provide preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative services for its patients.  It is situated near Ashok Nagar Metro Station.

Rotary Cancer Hospital  (I.R.C.H.)

This one of the finest cancer hospitals in Delhi. It has a unique feature as it was also one of the pioneer hospitals to introduce the hematopoietic stem cell bone marrow transplant program. Institute is situated in Ansari Nagar.

Fortis Hospital at Aruna Asaf Ali Marg

The Fortis Hospital  is a premier Institute of India.The Hospital  treats  the cancer patients in Delhi and other areas.The treatment is done with state of the art  technology.

Action Cancer Hospital in Pashchim Vihar

This cancer hospital is situated in  Pashchim Vihar  area of the city-state. Besides treating  patients it also deals with side effects.

BLK Hospital

The specialities of the Pusa Road  hospital include Cyber-knife VSI, latest PET CT Scan, Trilogy Tx Linear Accelerator, IGRT, IMRT, 3DCRT and Stereotactic RT.

 Delhi State Cancer Institute

The Institute was established by the state Government of Delhi .The hospital  department for cancer research and treatment aims to provide world class treatment under one roof.

 Cancer Healer Centre

 Cancer Healer Centre uses a special treatment  methodology  introduced by Dr. Hari Krishna.  It is based on the immune system. Unlike Chemotherapy  and radiology methods, it does not destroy the normal cells in the process of destroying the cancer cells. The patients are not prone to side effects like hair loss, vomiting, nausea and taste buds are left intact. Results may vary from person to person, but the technique used has been described as miraculous.


Gangaram Hospital in Delhi  also have a good cancer treatment facility.They also do PET scan.Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a very important diagnostic tool to detect cancer and plan treatment strategy.


Though it is not a specialist cancer institute but it is worth mentioning because it also offers good treatment facilities and doing some great research in the field.

 It is not a comprehensive list of cancer institutes in Delhi. There are more centres for treatment,but these mentioned above are in the top league..

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