Top Industries/Job Functions Where Women MBAs Work

Guest Post by Sampurna Majumder

While the representation of women increasing within the global workforce, representation of women are comparatively more in certain industries and they perform certain types of job roles. The following post takes a quick look at some of the top industries and job roles taken up by women MBAs



Representation of women within the global workforce has increased considerably spanning across all major industries. Today, right from hard core technology to top-ranking management to entrepreneur and sports personalities – all have women representatives. Some have women holding top positions within the corporate segment. While women are rising rapidly within the corporate ladder and making their presence felt, some say they need to make themselves more visible through their work to be able to come at par with their male counterparts.

Several women have taken to management studies and today one will find thousands and thousands of women MBAs joining the workforce across the globe.

Major Industries where Women MBAs Work

Though almost every sector finds women employers, certain major segments and job roles are still more favoured by women MBAs. Some of them are explained in the paragraphs below;

Digital Marketing

While traditionally marketing has been a male-dominated segment, with the advent of the World Wide Web, the online world opened a whole new world for the global workforce. Segments like online marketing, internet marketing and social media marketing became popular employment generation sections. Interestingly, for the type of the job description, it attracted many women candidates. Many women MBA candidates occupy senior management positions where they are responsible for decision-making, developing marketing strategies and coming up with solutions to developing branding strategies.

In the same domain they can offer to perform tasks in branding and communications. Developing and working towards brand strategies, understanding and analyzing online customer behaviour is a part of their job. Social media marketing, a sub-domain of digital marketing is another segment that sees a lot many women MBAs entering into.

Corporate Communications

A set of activities involved in managing and channelizing all internal and external communications that are aimed at creating favourable point of view among stakeholders upon which the company depends—is termed as corporate communications. The act of corporate communications is usually the message issued by a corporate body. These days corporate communication has become a sough-after career options especially for women MBAs. Top-notch consultancies across the globe such as KPMG and McKinsey and Company have corporate communications wings that employ women MBA candidates.

Public Relations

Public relations is a women dominated segment. With the passage of time and variations in work culture more women with an MBA degree are opting for a career in the PR industry. Several women MBAs work in PR firms as PR executives and PR Managers. But what is it that makes women far better PR persons than their male counterparts? It has been observed that, women make better socialites than men who make them better leaders in the world of PR relations. Since women tend to be more social and are plugged into current events, it is easier for them to make it to the domain of public relations.

Understanding the market and analyzing consumer behaviour requires skills that are inherent in a management graduate. Therefore, working in the sector becomes easier for women management graduates.

Human Resource Industry

The human resource industry is another major sector that has been absorbing several women MBAs. While the job roles within the HR industry would comprise like playing the role of a HR Executive, HR manager and HR partners, the overall HR industry happens to be female dominated. This is because, HR professionals have to deal with the employees in general and understand their behavioral psychology; needless to say that during an MBA in HR, an individual is trained in various ways of understanding human psychology and ways of handling the overall workforce of a company.

The Final Words

Apart from the above-mentioned sectors, women with an MBA degree can also find employment options in a lot more sectors and take up lot many job roles. With the passage of time, more new job roles are being introduced such as branding and communications where women MBAs are easily absorbed.


Author Bio: Sampurna Majumder is a professional writer who enjoys creativity and challenges. Barely a year into new media, she has written several posts, articles and blogs for prominent websites covering a wide range of topics—from real estate to education; from jobs to relationships. The above post explores the various industries where a woman MBA can work.



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