Some Expected Features Of The Samsung Galaxy S6

Guest Post by  Rohan Mahndiratta 

There are so many rumors on online media about the shattering specifications and features that the forthcoming Galaxy S6 will come with. Samsung users are eager to know about the fact that what the Samsung will bring to them, when it comes to the next flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S series. There is a lot of talk about several disappointments from definite parts with the features of the Galaxy S5, the previous Smartphone device of the Samsung. But it has not discontinued rumors becoming a next year like a wish list of the S6 features, have started already.

Expected features

There are so many features and specifications that the S6 will include, some of them are mentioned below:

Light weight

The lighter the gadget, the superior the user feels. S5 came with 5.11 Oz (145 g) weight. But the next Smartphone device of the Galaxy S Series is imagined to available with light weight, that is, approximately 115 g, so that the user not at all feels as he/she carries some additional weight around him/her. A lighter weight option for such influential mobile device is something outstanding.

4000mAh Mega Battery

In present times, all Smartphone devices should have superior and enhanced battery capabilities so that the weighty applications that eat huge section of the battery remain running. Currently, the S5 was introduced with a Li-lon battery which runs on 2800 mAh power. Taking this thing into consideration, the S6 will include a Li-lon battery that runs on 4000 mAh to permit talk time for a large interval of time, that is, up to 30 hours and stand-by time, that is, up to 450 hours.

Operating System

Users are talking too much about the OS of the upcoming smartphone device of the Galaxy S series. Previous S5 made its path with an Android operating system, version 4.4.2 KitKat and nowadays, the question comes out with which version next device of the S line will come up in the market. Based on the several reports, the next upcoming device will be available with the up to date version of the Android OS, whether it will be 6.0v Milkshake or 5.0v Lollypop. But, you are unable to rule out the latest Firefox operating system for the Galaxy S6.

Wireless charging

All prospect mobiles are probably to exterior with wireless technology, as well the next Galaxy S series device is no exemption to that. In fact, this device will be available with a wireless charging option, hence removing the utilization of portable chargers.

Display screen

The next upcoming device of the S series is possible to include an aluminum build body along with the presence of QHD touchscreen display. Several concepts, which have surfaced on the web expects a wealthy 4K display screen, along with a three dimensional flexible curved screen. In fact, an organic LED will moreover add an extra element to the display of the upcoming device.


The upcoming Smartphone is expected to come with an Exynos 800 Processor or Hex core Central Processing Unit in order to provide superior and enhanced experience to the users.


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