The Chessboard of World War III

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1 Response to The Chessboard of World War III

  1. lenrosen4 says:

    I consider much of what this author writes to me highly distorted interpretations of history and the parallels he seeks in comparing these times to the run up to World War One lack foundation.

    That war was largely fueled by militaristic overreach by the German Kaiser who wanted a place in the Sun for his nation equal to that of Great Britain. He thought little of the consequences of escalating a Balkan crisis into a confrontation of the two major power blocs that dominated Eurasia at the beginning of the 20th century. He goaded his Austrian allies into overzealous demands of Serbia after the assassination of the Archduke. He subverted the relationship he had with Nicholas, the Tsar of Russia, who was his dupe. And he sincerely believed that he could keep Britain from fulfilling its alliance pledges to France and Russia on the basis of his relationship with British royalty.

    If ever a war was started by one individual’s narcissistic behavior the 1914-18 conflict was the one. Although Hitler’s megalomania in the aftermath of German defeat certainly runs a close second.

    Len Rosen


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