Greenland Icebergs were The Culprit behind ‘Big Freeze’

What caused temperatures to suddenly drop across the Northern Hemisphere? Scientists have tried to answer this question for decades, ever since they discovered geological and biological evidence for the “Big Freeze.”

A new study points to a horde of icebergs or meltwater from Greenland as a possible cause for the sudden climate change called the Younger Dryas, or the Big Freeze. The findings were published online July 10 in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

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1 Response to Greenland Icebergs were The Culprit behind ‘Big Freeze’

  1. lenrosen4 says:

    Always an interesting topic to look at past climate change and causal links. I would think the Little Ice Age in Europe that lasted from the 14th to the 18th century could possibly have been stimulated initially by the Medieval Warming Period that preceded it leading to significant polar ice melts, the desalinization of the polar and North Atlantic Oceans and the subsequent cyclic response leading to prolonged cooling.


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