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One of the things I got wrong in my 2010 book Mapping was the claim that the University of Georgia has a President’s globe in the Geography Department.

I said this because A) Arthur Robinson, who made the globes, said he thought there was one at UGA, and B) there is actually is a humungous globe in the UGA lobby.

However, it’s not a “President’s Globe” which was a 50″ globe made by the OSS during WWII that was given to President Roosevelt, after someone had seen a large globe owned by Stalin and thought that the US ought to have a big globe too.

Several globes were made in the end and reputedly given to Churchill, some reputedly ended up in a Wisconsin high school and so on. (Until I have eye-witness reports of these I’m pulling a “Glomar response” and will neither confirm nor deny them.)

Anyway, a…

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