Choosing Internet Providers

Graphic displaying various type of internect c...

Graphic displaying various type of internect connections for consumer and businesses. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Guest Post by Peter Cruz

Internet companies, also known as Internet Service Providers, are establishments that connect people to the Internet. Today, there are different types of Internet providers for people to choose from. In order for you to know how to choose the best among them, you should know what kind of technology is available, how much speed you are going to need, which one is right for you and what the service for your choice will cost.

 Available Technologies

 1. DSL or Cable – Ever since dial up connectivity has become obsolete, the regular form of Internet connection that people use is DSL or Cable connections. Although Cable is known to be faster than the DSL, people would usually find just what they need from either one of the two services. DSL or Cable Internet also provides a reliable wireless connection for people who want to take advantage of Wi-Fi convenience.

 2. Satellite – People who are using Satellite connection may not have DSL or Cable connections available in their area. In any case, Satellite connections may be much faster than DSL or Cable but it may have limited ability to connect to streaming content. It also is easily affected by weather and its price is almost similar to DSL or Cable connections.

 If you need a more portable option for your mobile phones, tablet or laptop, then consider acquiring 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connections. This will not be your primary method of connecting to the Internet though as you will still need DSL, Cable or Satellite connection.


 There really is no standard price for DSL, Cable or Satellite connections. The Internet providers set their own prices based on the type of connection, area, speed and what they think their services are worth nowadays. It is best for you to look around and choose the best deal that suits you.

 Are you also in need of a phone or Cable television service? A lot of providers today give their customers discounted prices if they sign up for a package from their available services. If you are already using the services of a phone or Cable company, look at what discounts they have to offer if you add Internet as one of the services that you wish to acquire as well.

 You should also make sure that you factor in the terms in the contract offered to you by the provider as you examine the total cost. Is there a set period of time for you to remain as a customer with them? Will there be a penalty if you terminate the service before this time? Choose an Internet provider that offers contract terms that you are comfortable with.

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