A Woman to Lead RISAT-1 mission of ISRO,India

 Valarmathi, who hails from Tamil Nadu state (in India), will lead RISAT-1 (Radar Imaging Satellite) mission, announced Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). She is the second woman scientist in India’s space history to head such a mission. T K Anuradha was the first woman scientist to head a space mission when GSAT-12 was launched on July 15, 2011.Valarmathi is the project director of RISAT-1, the first woman from the Tamil Nadu state to head such a project. Earlier, senior scientist R N Tyagi was the project director of RISAT.

 RISAT-1 is a microwave remote sensing satellite that has a Synthetic Aperture Radar and weighs about 1,850 kg. It is slated for launch by Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle– C19 (XL) this year into a 536 km orbit.

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