Moving Pinterest Pins for Language Lovers

Guest Post  Tim Handorf

Pinterest is an incredible resource for crafts, household hacks, and just about every kind of style inspiration you can imagine. But the site also boasts an amazing collection of inspiring quotes and phrases for language lovers and beyond. Find encouragement, motivation, support, and clever truths in these moving Pinterest pins.

  1. You’re on the right track: This quote from Will Rogers reminds us to never stop growing, even if you’re already on the right track.
  2. Support: Beautiful typography and words come together on this image depicting the power of support.
  3. Speaking out: C.S. Lewis offers this great reminder that keeping your worries and hurts inside only makes them grow.
  4. A youthful mind: If you feel like a kid disguised as a grownup, you’ll be able to relate to this pin.
  5. A wasted day: Do what you dream of, otherwise you’ve wasted a day.
  6. Strength in weakness: This Bible verse points out that incredible strength can be found in the weakest of moments.
  7. Twenty years from now: What really matters in the future? View this pin to consider what will be important to you 20 years from now.
  8. Progress: Check out this pin to see why failure is always a possibility, but it’s still a good sign you’re moving forward.
  9. True weakness: This quote offers an important point on weakness and tears.
  10. Looking to the future: In this pin, find a poignant quotation on looking through your windshield rather than your rearview mirror.

  1. Take a chance: This quote will encourage you to follow the chances you’re given without fear.
  2. Actions speak louder: Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility lends a few words to this reminder that we’re defined by our actions.
  3. Faith in magic: This quote shares how important it is to believe in magic.
  4. Foolish happiness: Follow this quote to let happiness take you over.
  5. Words into action: Turn your “I Wish” into “I Will” with this pin.
  6. The right kind of friends: Mark Twain’s insight is a great reminder to surround yourself with positive people, and to be one for your friends as well.
  7. I’m just as strange as you: Frida Kahlo’s thoughts on being different are laid out beautifully in this pin.
  8. Daily satisfaction: Emerson’s quote is a great reminder to do what you can and be happy to move on to a new day.
  9. Outside of average: This gem of knowledge from Andy Warhol will encourage you to step outside of an average life.
  10. Lose your fear of being wrong: Joseph Chilton Pearce encourages you to be more creative by not worrying about being wrong.

  1. Find the time: Never forget to find the time to read and paint your dreams.
  2. Everything is invented: Languages, careers, relationships, and more are invented. What could you invent?
  3. What’s everyone else missing: It’s easy to point out what others have but you don’t; what is it that you have but others want?
  4. The best people are bonkers: This classic conversation from Alice in Wonderland celebrates the beauty of crazy.
  5. The perfect day: John Keats shares his idea of a perfect day, and it sounds pretty great to us, too.
  6. What is really important?: This pin points out how you’ll find a way to do what’s really important to you.
  7. Don’t wait for perfect: Let this pin inspire you to take the plunge now instead of waiting for the perfect moment.
  8. Dreams of the future: Alice Walker encourages you to build a life that looks like your dreams.
  9. Adventure is the best teacher: Learn by doing, and do through adventure.
  10. How your life can change: Robert Holden’s quote points out all of the little things that can become a big life change.
    1. Simplicity: Get down to the basics of happiness with this reminder to not complicate things.
    2. Take a risk: Great things rarely happen without risk. Find the courage to take your next great step from this pin.
    3. Follow your passion: Take control of your short life and do what you want with the power of inspiration in this pin.
    4. The little things are big: This quote points out how important the little things can become.
    5. What could go right?: Too often, we worry what could go wrong, forgetting that it could all go so very right.
    6. Everyday people: Check out this quote that shares the influence of everyday people on your life.
    7. Bold and extraordinary love: Check out this pin for insight into refusing mediocrity in life and love.
    8. Word power: This pin points out the transformative power of words.
    9. Stay curious: Walt Disney’s quote shares just how important it is to keep following curiosity down new paths.
    10. Feeling the rain: Find truth in Bob Marley’s observation of people who feel the rain, while others just get wet.
    11. Beautiful people do not just happen: This quote from Elizabeth Kubler Ros points out just how the most beautiful people got that way.
    12. Keep dreaming: This pin questions why dreams must stop when you wake up.

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2 Responses to Moving Pinterest Pins for Language Lovers

  1. Great collection of inspiration from Pinterest.
    Fun way to view this new site.


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