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Magdalene College, University of Cambridge

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Poppies At Tower Of London.

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Hundreds of thousands of ceramic poppies are pouring out of the Tower of London and flowing around its walls like a waterfall of crimson blood. This dramatic picture is part of an ongoing installation…

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Planning Chaotic Transit Systems: Off we go

Originally posted on WORLD STREETS :
We are about one sixth of the way  through this very different 21st century, an era  not of “order”  in the older sense, but rather of chaos.  Chaos however  is not the end,  it is…

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New Concept in Power Generation: Distributed Power!

Scenario of power generartion is going to change.Earlier when a big power plant retired, it was replaced by one as big or bigger. But not anymore. Energy efficiency is increasingly reducing the need for more power. And when it is … Continue reading

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