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Tourism Demand and Types of Tourists

Tourism demand is the total number of persons who travel or wish to travel to use the tourist facilities away from their places of work and residence. (Mathieson and Wall, 1982) Tourism is a dynamic field. It varies on the … Continue reading

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Is Mass Tourism Destroying Cities? : Negative Impacts of Tourism

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The Beach Holiday: A Post-World War II Phenomenon

Much of the post-World War II expansion of international tourism was based on beach holidays, which have a long history. In their modern, commercial form, beach holidays are an English invention of the 18th century, based on the medical adaptation of popular sea-bathing … Continue reading

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Tourism Planning: Overview and Importance

What is tourism planning? …. And What is Planning per se. Planning is to prepare a Road Map to achieve goals. The principal phases of an urban planning process are: Preparatory / exploration phase Feasibility/planning phase Formal planning/zoning phase Design … Continue reading

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