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Bandipur : European Town of Nepal

The Cities of the world both of western and eastern has survived  by adapting to the changes which their very presence has precipitated and diffused. It is often built layer by layer. The city building process describes how architecture, vernacular construction, and planning together shape the urban environment, relate to each other, and affect the modification of cities. What is known about adaptability in city building is in inverse proportion to its importance. Here Ami Baht wrote about a Nepali town in which you feel like as if you are in Europe.and I really found it … Continue reading

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Tourism in Garhwal Himalayas: An Introduction

The ancient history of Garhwal says that it had once been a part of the Mauryan Empire.The history of Garhwal began as a unified whole in the 15th century, when king Ajai Pal merged the 52 principalities of the Garhwal … Continue reading

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Relationship Between Culture and Tourism is Increasing

 Tourism and culture were viewed as largely separate aspects  earlier. Cultural resources were seen as part of the cultural heritage of destinations, related to the education of the local population and the underpinning of local or national cultural identities. Tourism, … Continue reading

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Types of Tourism : An Overview

Traveling is one effective way to see the world, experience new cultures and meet new people at the same time. For many tourists, however, traveling accomplishes many other purposes that don’t even have anything to do with the joy of … Continue reading

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