About Me and This Site

Hello World. I am Rashid Aziz Faridi from India- a Teacher, Student, Researcher, and Blogger, interested in acquiring and sharing knowledge. This Blog is a step in that journey. This originated from the desire to contribute to society and to the expanding horizon of Earth Sciences. I always wanted to reach out to students all over the globe.I want to make a difference in the lives of people .  Blogging helps me to do that.

I am presently working as a Professor of Geography at AMU. There were other academicians in my family like my famous uncle Fazlur Rahman Faridi. There is a page about him on Wikipedia. My father was a famous innovative vet and my mother was a businesswoman.

Blogging helps to organise my thought process and allows me to get better insights into things I am interested in.

Blogging gives me a wider audience and I love it.

This Blog is a  journey. My Learning Journey. My academic journey and my thought train often reflect in posts. I write here about geography quite regularly. I also borrow the writings of fellow Geographers.

I also write here about my thoughts and an occasional book review. This blog is about my musings.

I am an explorer, a wanderer

I want to:

  • explore
  • experiment
  • make my students finest in the world
  • transform them into leaders
  • live life on my own terms
  • follow my passions
  • make my life The Passion

my e-mail: rashid_faridi@yahoo.com

All the posts are open to review from readers. If you want to add any information to any of the posts, write to me at rashid_faridi@yahoo.com. If found suitable it will be incorporated in the post and given due credit. please do not use this feature for an advertisement. If you want to advertise on this site, please mail me at rashid_faridi@yahoo.com.

41 Responses to About Me and This Site

  1. Rashid,

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    Hope you find it helpful!


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  3. Silki says:

    Hi Rashid,
    Glad to find you. I am also from Aligarh, but presently at Varanasi.


  4. mmursyidpw says:

    Great Blog, Mr. Rashid.
    I’m from Pekalongan – Centrall Java – Indonesia. Glad to have an acquaintance like you.


  5. @Mursyid PW.
    Thanks. Visited your blog.
    It is terrific. Keep visiting.


  6. aasavari says:



  7. syed akbar says:

    great blog. lot of info. please keep blogging. thanks.
    syed akbar, journalist, hyderabad, india


  8. Brayden says:


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  9. Shaji Varghese says:

    Hi Rashid,

    Would like to discuss with you a freelance curriculum design opportunity in Geography that is interesting and meaningful.

    Please let me know how I can contact you.

    You may write to me at shajivarghese1@gmail.com

    Thanks and Regards,


  10. hasan says:

    My name is hassan and I am from Azad Kashmir. This is a great blog


  11. roby says:

    nice blog…
    hello im roby from indonesia, nice to meet you..


  12. @roby
    Thanks.Welcome to my Blog.


  13. Shazad says:

    nice good work keep it up


  14. @Shazad
    Welcome to my Blog.
    Visited your wonderful Blog.


  15. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …


  16. HAIDER ABBAS says:



  17. Appreciated your taking the time to visit the blog and for reblogging a post. Look forward to the opportunity to reciprocate. Hope that all continues to go well in your life. ~ Ayanna


  18. Simon Reyes says:

    cool!! i love to read this post… 🙂


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  20. Dr Mrs Sheetal Mahakali says:

    Rasheed I am today adding one more person to the group of people who like your blog and appreciate your effort and interest in different subjects. I am from Pune.


  21. Thank you for the blog. The information helped my complete an article I was writing on the formation of our Moon for a newspaper. Hope to read your other posts also soon.


  22. Bob Lee says:

    Hi Rashid,
    Great blog. Excellent Instant Links for source info. Just exceptional from a fellow blogger here. Bob http://team1million.wordpress.com If you ever want to do a guest blog on how people can make use of and benefit from the great info you have in your blog – by all means – send it so I can post it in my blog The Real Facts. Really Nice Blog.


  23. Bob Lee says:

    You’re very welcome. and thank you for the nice compliment – much appreciated.


  24. petrel41 says:

    Dear Rashid,


    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award.

    More about this nomination is at



  25. climatesnack says:

    Excellent blog Rashid! We obvioulsy share a passion for scientific communication. Keep up the great work!


    • Thanks. You people are doing great work.
      I am an associate professor of Geography in India and I have a gut feeling that we can work together.
      We have started a new site Jugraphia Slate(jugraphia.wordpress.com/) .
      It is a multi author site and have authors from across the globe.
      Please go through it.
      If any of you want to write on the site please let me know.
      I also want to be associated with you all and be a member of your writing group if possible.
      We sure share passion. You are right absolutely.


      • climatesnack says:

        Rashid, this is extremely interesting! Our visions are extremely similar. We definitely need to discuss some possibilties in more detail. The Jugraphia site looks very nice and it powerful to gather voices in the same field. ClimateSnack is different as we aim to improve the actual communication skills. We have some clear synergies that we can discuss! Please contact me at mathew.reeve@uni.no. I look forward to hearing from you!


  26. Daniela says:

    Great information. Thank you for finding my blog interesting enough to follow.


  27. 67merrill says:

    Hi Rashid. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. (I agree with Daniela there.) Although our daily interests are worlds apart, we seem to have similar underlying sentiments. As a member of a troublesome, yet remarkable species, I’m not sure we’ll get past ourselves, but keep hoping. Keep up the good fight.


  28. Mohd. Ahsan says:

    Great blog Rashid Bhai & Thanks for help us for finding easily.
    Myself Mohammad Ahsan Alvi from Muzaffarnagar,U.P.


  29. Mr Faridi, thank you for reblogging my work. I believe this is the second time I have been honored. It is my hope that what I write will cause a few individuals to think and challenge what they presume to know. By the way, I have been ti India many times, I enjoyed Bangalore the most of all my stays.


  30. Greetings from Indonesian bloggers 🙂


  31. Khalid Faridi says:

    Rashid, one important person you missed out from your introduction in this blog is your spouse. I believe her, being also an academic, mention will add colors to your already great academic credentials.



  32. Prem shankar Tiwari says:

    Sir i want ugc net notes


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