Why is the CO₂ Concentration Rising?

Iowa Climate Science Education

Frans Schrijver

Klimaatfeiten.nl (in Dutch)

Apr 15, 2022

The general view in society is that human emissions of CO? are the all-determining cause of the increased concentration in the atmosphere. Most scientists and even many climate skeptics do not question this. There is some debate about how long this extra CO? will stay in the atmosphere, but that?s about it. That?s remarkable, as several scientists have published extensively on the flaws and inconsistencies of this narrative. By looking at the significant increase in the CO?-flows from and to land and sea it?s in fact easy to see that the CO?-rise is largely due to natural causes.

The idea that human CO? is the all-determining cause of the increased concentration is based on the assumption that the natural inflows and outflows are always and exactly in equilibrium with each other. Based on this perfect equilibrium thinking, human emissions, even though they…

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