The curious case of Costa Rica: What makes it unique

By Anand Kulkarni As the festive season draws closer, aspirations for a happy 2017, beaches, wildlife and entertainment beckon. Except for ardent tourists, unheralded Costa Rica, a middle-upper income country may not be a preferred destination. However, a closer look will reveal that Costa Rica, for the third time is ranked number 1 in the…

via The curious case of Costa Rica: What makes it unique? — The Indian Economist

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1 Response to The curious case of Costa Rica: What makes it unique

  1. Hi Rashid, Pura vida is the common phrase of greeting in Costa Rica. It literally means “pure life” but it is a reflection of an embracing of life that is uncharacteristic in many other places on the planet. My wife and I visited Costa Rica for the first time last year. We are going back again this winter and exploring more of the country. Blessed with abundant natural resources including renewable energy from geothermal, hydro, wind and solar, Costa Rica managed to provide almost 100% (off by less than 2%) of its power requirements from non-fossil fuel sources. The country focuses on ecotourism as a major source of revenue. And although there are some bad apples in the tour business, for the most part, the industry is environmentally conscious and focused on sustainability. So I sign off with pura vida and strongly urge you, if you have never been, to experience Costa Rica. I believe you will feel the pura vida vibe.


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