Gulf Research Meeting 2016 Opens

headerThe GRM 2016 opens on 16th in University of Cambridge. It will be concluded on 19th of August.H.E. Dr. Abdullatif Rashid Al-Zayani, Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, gave the keynote address at the opening session of the seventh annual Gulf Research Meeting.

The conference is divided in 11 workshops

  • Challenges Facing GCC Oil and Gas Exports
  • Collective Security in the Gulf: Prospects for Pan-Gulf Cooperation
  • Nuclear Energy for the Gulf: Key Questions and Opportunities
  • Towards a Sustainable Lifestyle in the Gulf
  • Yemen and the GCC: Future Relations
  • Arab Gulf Cities in Transition: Space, Politics and Society
  • Exploring the Dynamism of Islamic Finance in the GCC Region
  • The Future of GCC Labour Market Reform: Towards a Multi-Disciplinary, Sustainable, Evidence-Based and Practical Understanding
  • New Security Dynamics in the Gulf and the Transformation of the GCC States’ Security Agenda
  • Foreign Relations of the GCC Countries amid Shifting Global and Regional Dynamics
  • The Economics of Migration to the Gulf: Perspectives from Countries of Origin and Destination

Group Photograph of All Participants

About GRM

To enhance knowledge and research about the Gulf, the Gulf Research Center Cambridge has established an annual Gulf Research Meeting (GRM) with the clear objective to provide an academic environment to foster Gulf studies and to encourage scholarly and academic exchange among those working on or interested in the developments taking place that are defining the Gulf region and their constituent societies.

Set within the historic outlines of the University of Cambridge, the Gulf Research Meeting attempts to highlight the issues of importance to the Gulf region and provide a basis for undertaking and engaging in academic and empirical research in the fields of politics, economics, energy, security and the wider social sciences. Through parallel running workshops dedicated to specific topics, the Gulf Research Meeting addresses the existing shortcomings, to provide correct and insightful information about the region and to promote mutual understanding between the Gulf and the rest of the world.

I was to be a participant in Workshop 8 , but due to job switch I am not there. My Co-Author (and my wife) Dr. Rakhshanda F Fazli is there to participate and to present our paper “The GCC Labour Market and Indigenous Women Participation: Dynamics of Inclusive Policy“.


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