Jennifer Bagelman and Sarah Marie Wiebe on the Northern Gateway Pipelines Project

Progressive Geographies

My ex-Durham colleague Jennifer Bagelman and Sarah Marie Wiebe discuss the Northern Gateway Pipelines Project in The New York Times. They suggest the pipeline would function more as a border than a gateway:


If completed, this border would cut across indigenous territory, interfering with the land use of more than 50 First Nations communities, including members of the Coastal First Nations and Yinka Dene Alliance. Environmental groups like Forest Ethics and the Wilderness Committee warn that the pipelines would disrupt and displace the lives of people and other creatures, jeopardizing grizzly bears, caribou and salmon. Even before construction, the prospect of a pipeline is dividing people in a debate framed as jobs vs. environmental protection.

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1 Response to Jennifer Bagelman and Sarah Marie Wiebe on the Northern Gateway Pipelines Project

  1. lenrosen4 says:

    Hi Rashid, Thanks for posting this article on your blog. The Northern Gateway is wrong on so many levels that it boggles my mind that we would even consider building it here in Canada. It is not just a potential insult to the ecology and peoples who inhabit the pathway the pipeline will take, it is also the end point of the pipeline and the waterway the supertankers will have to navigate at high frequency. It is an accident waiting to happen.

    Now add to this the carbon footprint of the oil source, the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions here in Canada. What wrongheadedness! What disregard for a planet that is challenged by anthropomorphic climate change! What willful ignorance!


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