Charter of Demands -अधिकार मांग – पत्र

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Anand lakhan, Deen Bandhu Samaj Sahyog , Indore (M.P)

The Power of Collective ‘Voice’ of the ‘Indore’s Labour Community’

As other states & cities, Indore is also facing the parliament election. In every election different parties always give word of mouth reassurance and after winning the election, they don’t even bother to come back and see the condition of our people. This time the people from different community also changed their strategy with these seasonal frogs. The newly formed SIC’s of different slum communities decided to generate their own “RIGHT DEMAND CHARTER“ in front of all the parties’ candidate.

बस्ती विकास महासंघ, इन्दौर
57 सी, सूयदेव नगर, केट रोड इन्दौर ए मो.नं. 9893642880

अधिकार मांग – पत्र
इन्दौर शहर के मेहनतकश गरीब मजदूर बस्तीवासी अपने जन-प्रतिनिधियों से क्या चाहते है ?
इन्दौर शहर मध्यप्रदेश की व्यवसायिक राजधानी है। भारत में इन्दौर शहर 14वां स्थान रखता है। 2021 तक इन्दौर शहर…

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