Regular Practice of Yoga Ensures Physical & Mental Well-Being

It is not right to say that yoga is a trend. However, it is true that yoga is making a healthy comeback. Yoga is more than a science. Practiced more than 5000 years, it is actually an art of living a healthy life. Yoga is not only about physical postures to stay healthy, it puts equal (even more) emphasize on relaxation of mind through some breathing techniques known as Pranayam. Yoga adds to your strength, flexibility and balance whereas meditation keeps your body, mind and soul in perfect harmonious rhythm.

These days, daily routine of the busy bodies have become more hectic with monotonous work pressure on both personal and professional domain. They can hardly manage time to do jogging or swimming to stay fit. A better alternative for them is to practice some indoor activities like yoga and meditation. Here are some in-brief benefits of regular practice of yoga and meditation:

Stay Healthy Always

The proverb goes, ‘Health is Wealth’. You are into money-minting game but are too sick to celebrate the inflow of funds and draining them out for your mounting medical bills. Do you love that? No. Yoga is a good way to ensure well-being of your physical and mental health. It helps you get a shapely figure. But more importantly, it relaxes your mind by eliminating worries for the time being and helps you concentrate on your inner self during that period. It releases toxin and tension that adversely affect your physical and mental health.

It is more common for the professionals to develop clamps and blockages after working for long hours. Those create an obstacle for our body to get sufficient amount of nutrients and oxygen that we need to stay fit and strong. Regular practice of yoga eliminates these obstacles and supplements your body with lost energy.

In the short-run, yoga strengthens your muscles, increases immunity, keeps blood pressure in control and enables you to work more. As far as long-term benefits are concerned, it helps you stay in a healthy shape and look younger even at the age of 60.

Stay Cool and Calm

Yoga session is incomplete without meditation which focuses on slow breathing exercises. The purpose of breathing mechanism is to relax your mind so that you stay focused, can absorb the positives of life and get optimum benefits from the yoga exercises.

Being bogged down by work pressure and no time for relaxation, most of us live a stressful life. Stress on a limited level is not harmful but when it goes beyond the healthy border, it becomes a breeding ground of anger, anxiety, impatience, depression and other negativities.

Yoga and meditation keep the stress factor within permissible limit. If you practice yoga regularly, you will be more calm, focused and disciplined in life. Being relieved of negative factors that cloud your mind, you will be able to set your priorities and implement them in a more planned way.

Be More Productive

When your body is fit and mind is calm, the concerted effort will encourage you to set your goals high and succeed in achieving them. By regularly doing exercises and meditation, you will feel more energetic and that will get reflected in your enhanced productivity.

About Rashid Faridi

I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.
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