Turning Waste In Wealth (Energy)

We constantly turn wealth to waste. Now it is threatening the sustainability of our planet , our race. It  is high time we reverse this process.

TERI’s enhanced acidification and methanation technology is a great leap forward in this direction.

Food is the last thing that comes to mind when one sees rotting and stench-emanating landfills, overflowing with garbage from all over the city. Not surprising then that many will be shocked if they were told that it is an important source in the making of cooking gas.

Of late, there have been experiments to convert the emissions from landfills or garbage dumps to energy so as to power various applications. Though technologies exist, they are crippled with inefficient output and operational problems. The TEAM (T ERI’s enhanced acidification and methanation) technology not only overcomes existing shortcomings but also promises to be an important parallel source of fuel for thermal applications, especially cooking.

Tackling mounting waste (produced as a result of growing urbanization and industrialization) has been one of the biggest civic concerns in modern times (Figure 1). Working towards finding a sustainable solution, researchers at TERI zeroed in on biomethanation as the most desirable alternative for the treatment of solid waste, as it yields biogas that can replace conventional fuels and provides digested sludge that can be used as organic manure.

TERI’s research culminated in the development of a high-rate digester for fibrous and semi-solid organic waste. The technology has been put to use in the waste treatment plant in TERI’s sustainable habitat campus in Gurgaon, Haryana . The plant has been generating good-quality biogas and manure from organic wastes since the year 2000…

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