Mumbai, India Civic Body to take up Aerial Mapping

The BMC will no longer rely on archaic maps while drawing up plans against natural disasters such as floods. Claimed to be a first of its kind initiative (first municipal corporation in Asia), civic officials will travel on a private helicopter on Thursday to capture vital locations and flood-prone areas on a camera. The flight will cross the city over a period of one month to complete the process. The permission to carry out low-lying aerial photography required for contour mapping in the city came from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) last month. Contour mapping is a significant aspect of the flood modelling system which is practised worldwide. After the deluge in June 2005, the Madhav Chitale Committee had emphasised the need for a fool-proof flood system to guide civic authorities during rescue efforts. The committee had recommended that a contour map survey be conducted, recording the contours at intervals of 5 metres. The BMC has appointed two private firms – MWH from Mumbai and ORG from Gurgaon – to carry out the exercise.

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