Waste to Energy in India

An estimated 30 million tonnes of solid waste and 4,400 million cubic meters of liquid waste are generated every year in the urban areas of the country. This estimation is based on the structured data base prepared for 299 Class I cities and 36 Class II cities as part of “National Master Plan for Development of Waste to Energy in India” being taken up under UNDP/GEF assisted Project on “Development of High Rate Biomethanation Processes”. The study concluded that 17(6%) cities have generation rate in excess of 1000 TPD, and 80 cities (26%) generate 150 to 1000 TPD. The balance 202 cities (68%) individually generate less than 150 TPD. The municipal solid waste (MSW) generation ranges from 0.25 to 0.66 kg/person/day with an average of 0.45 kg/person/day. In addition, large quantities of solid and liquid wastes are generated by industries. Most of the wastes generated find their way into land and water bodies, without proper treatment, emitting gases like Methane (CH4), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), etc, resulting in bad odour, air and water pollution, as well as increase in the emission of green house gases. This problem can be significantly mitigated through adoption of environment-friendly waste-to-energy technologies for treatment and processing wastes before disposal. It not only reduces the quantity of wastes, but also improves its quality to meet the required pollution control standards, besides generating substantial quantity of energy.

The Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources is promoting setting up of Waste-to-Energy projects in the country through two schemes namely i) National Programme on Energy Recovery from Urban and Industrial Wastes and ii) UNDP/ GEF assisted Project on Development of High Rate Biomethanation Processes as a means of Reducing Green House Gases Emission.

National Programme

The National Programme on Energy Recovery from Urban & Industrial wastes, launched during the year 1995-96, has the following objectives:

a) To promote setting up of projects for recovery of energy from wastes of renewable nature from Urban and Industrial sectors; and

b) To create conducive conditions and environment, with fiscal and financial regime, to develop, demonstrate and disseminate utilisation of wastes for recovery of energy.

c) To develop and demonstrate new technologies on waste-to-energy through R&D projects and pilot plants.

The scheme is applicable to private and public sector entrepreneurs and organisations as well as Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) for setting up of waste-to-energy projects on the basis of Build, Own & Operate (BOO), Build, Own, Operate & Transfer (BOOT), Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT) and Build Operate Lease & Transfer (BOLT). It is being implemented through State Nodal Agencies, who forward the Detailed Project Reports, received from the promoters, to MNES along with their recommendations in respect of financial, managerial and technical capabilities of the promoters and on assured availability of waste materials on a long term basis (over 10 years) for operating the project smoothly.

During 2004-05, projects based on industrial wastes were entitled to interest subsidy for reducing the rate of interest to 4% for special category States and 6% for other States on the loans availed by promoters through financial institutions. Besides, incentives to State Nodal Agencies for their involvement and facilitating in execution of the projects were included under the scheme. The financial support for municipal solid wastes based projects which was available during 2002-03 (capital subsidy of 50% of the cost of projects limited to Rs.3.00 crore per MW for demonstration projects and interest subsidy for commercial projects) and was under review for rationalisation.

A total of three projects based on palm oil industry waste, cattle dung & poultry waste were completed and commissioned during the year. The installed capacity of these projects was 5.00 MW, thus making the cumulative installed capacity of waste to energy projects in the country to around 46.50 MW till 31.12.2004. Out of these three projects commissioned during 2004-05, two were under the National Programme and their salient details are given below. The third project was completed under the UNDP/GEF project.

3.0 MW power project based on Palm Oil Industry Waste by M/s Sai Renewable Power Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad, at Eluru, District West Godavari, A.P: The plant has been set up based on combustion of empty bunches from palm trees and residues of palm fruits. These remains are rich in volatile substances and will be used as a fuel for the boiler in the plant. About 100 tonnes per day of palm oil industry waste is being used to produce 3 MW of power. The total cost of the project is Rs.1376 lakh out of which 70% has been taken as soft loan from IREDA and the rest as promoter’s equity. The Ministry has provided interest subsidy to IREDA on the loan provided to the promoters. The officials of MNES have visited the project and it has been working satisfactory to the capacity.

1.5 MW power project based on poultry droppings at Namakkal, Tamil Nadu : The plant has been installed by M/s G. K. Bio-Energy Pvt. Ltd., Namakkal, based on biomethanation technology to generate power using poultry droppings from one million birds of nearby poultry farms. It is based on BIMA (Biogas Induced Mixing Arrangement) technology developed and commercialised by M/s Entec, Austria. The engines used for generating power are 100% biogas engines imported from Austria. The total cost of the project is Rs.1804 lakh, out of which about 50% is IREDA’s loan at commercial rate, 30% is promoters’ equity and about 20% is capital subsidy from MNES, which is being provided as interest free loan in the beginning to be converted into capital subsidy after successful completion of the project. The project has been commissioned very recently.

The project which was under various stages of installation during the year is as below:

2.5 MW Power Generation Project based on Poultry Droppings at Namakkal, Tamil Nadu: A project for generation of 2.5 MW power and 50 tonnes per day bio-fertilizer utilising about 600 tonnes of poultry droppings per day has been sanctioned to M/s Subhashri Bio-energies Pvt. Ltd. (SBPL), Namakkal, Tamil Nadu. The project is based on the indigenous anaerobic process developed by the promoter and its total cost is Rs.24.69 crore. The Ministry is providing a capital subsidy of Rs.600 lakh @ Rs.3.00 crore per MW by considering the project as a demonstration project and Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) have sanctioned the term loan of Rs.1308.34 lakh. The balance amount is being mobilised by the promoter as its equity. The Structural Engineering Research Centre (SERC), Chennai have been retained as consultant for vetting of structural design of the digesters and for supervision during the construction. The project execution is currently under progress and is likely to be commissioned by June 2005

In addition to the above progress on a few completed projects was continuously monitored whose details in brief are as below:

5 MW municipal solid waste (MSW) based project at Lucknow: The project has been executed by M/S Asia Bio-energy Pvt. Ltd (ABIL), Chennai on Build, Own, Operate and Maintenance basis in association with Lucknow Nagar Nigam (LNN) who are responsible for supply of required quality and quantity of MSW at the plant site. The plant based on Biomethanation technology started its commercial operation in August 2003 but could reach to a maximum generation capacity of 1.5 MW only by March 2004. The plant is presently facing problem in its operation mainly due to non-availability of the required quality of MSW free from debris, sand & silt. To solve the problem of waste supply, a meeting of the High Level Monitoring Committee, constituted for the project was held on 19th January, 2005 under the Chairmanship of Secretary, MNES wherein time bound action points were chalked out for implementation by the LNN and ABIL. It is expected that the problem of waste supply will be solved and the plant will start operating to its capacity soon.

6 MW MSW based power plant at Vijayawada: The project based on combustion technology has been executed by M/s Sriram Energy Systems (P) Ltd., Hyderabad by availing a soft loan from Technology Development Board (Department of Science and Technology) and Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA). It was commissioned in December 2003 and is reported to be operating to its full capacity with a mix of 30% of rice husk with MSW. The total electricity generated till November 2004 was 25 million units out of which 21 million units has been exported to the grid. Total MSW treated was around 50,000 Metric tonnes.

6 MW Municipal Solid Waste Project at Andhra Pradesh
: Another project based on MSW on similar technology commissioned in November, 2003 by M/S SELCO International, Hyderabad has been reported to be operating successfully. It is reported that around 28 million of units of electricity has been generated till December 2004 by treating around 1 million metric tonnes of MSW since inception. The project was completed in 2 phases; one for preparation of pallets from MSW and the other for power generation from
MSW pallets.

A few proposals for setting up of Waste-to-Energy Projects, which were accorded ‘in-principle’ approval by the Programme Advisory Committee for Waste-to-Energy Programme during previous years were monitored for their progress in obtaining financial closure and other clearances from various organisations by the promoters before they are processed for necessary support from the Ministry. The projects envisage setting up of power projects based on poultry droppings, starch industry waste, sugar cane press mud, furfural industry waste and municipal solid wastes with an aggregate capacity of about 25 MW.

Two new proposals for setting up of projects based on municipal solid waste in Surat and Rajkot were developed which are also in the process of obtaining necessary clearances and other tie-ups made with different organisations. A few proposals for setting up of power generation plants from the biogas available at existing Sewage Treatment Plants in Surat were also developed by the Surat Municipal Corporation, which are to be supported under the programme.

UNDP/GEF Project
The UNDP/GEF project was started during September 1994 with the objectives to set up demonstration sub-projects, preparation of National Master Plan, capacity building and publication of a quarterly newsletter ‘Bio Energy News’. The project is being implemented with the association of a few eminent National laboratories and institutions for providing assistance in the biomethanation technology related to issues like design, analysis of critical aspects of construction, supervision, commissioning, trouble shooting, monitoring and evaluation of projects at the demonstration stage. In addition, a couple of State Nodal Agencies have also been associated to act as implementing agencies for a few sub-projects. The waste sector considered for developing sub-projects under the programme are: i) Pulp & Paper Industry Effluent ii) Leather and Slaughterhouse Industry Wastes, iii) Vegetable Market yard Wastes, iv) Sewage/Municipal Waste Water, v) Animal Manure, vi) Starch and Tapioca Processing Industry Wastes and vii) Biogas Utilisation for power generation.

A total of 15 sub projects have been taken under UNDP/GEF project out of which 12 were already completed till 2003-04. During the year 2004-05 one more project was commissioned and its brief report is as below:

1.0 MW power project based on cattle manure at Haebowal Dairy Complex Ludhiana, Punjab: Haebowal Dairy Complex in Ludhiana, spread over an area of 50 acres, has 1490 dairies with an animal population of 1,50,000 and generate about 2500 tonnes of animal droppings. The project, based on BIMA technology, has been designed to use 235 tonnes of animal waste for generating about 0.965 MW electrical energy, most of which will be for captive use. The plant started power generation in August 2004 and has been operating at 60% of its capacity. The surplus energy after meeting the in-house power requirement is being fed to the state electricity grid. Besides, electrical energy, the project will also be producing about 75 tonnes of stabilised organic manure per day. The project is being implemented by PEDA, the State Nodal Agency with 50% financial contribution from the State Government. Constant monitoring of the project was ensured by organising meetings of the Project Steering Committee and through site visits.

Two other projects, which were under various stages of implementation, are as under:

0.5 MW power project based on slaughterhouse solid waste at M/s Hind Agro Ltd., Aligarh, U.P: M/s Hind Agro has a 100% export oriented modern integrated abattoir cum meat processing plant at Aligarh. The biogas plant being installed at their place is designed to treat solid waste generated from slaughtering of 1600 buffaloes everyday. The project for biomethanation of slaughterhouse solid wastes to produce about 4000 cum. biogas per day for generation of 0.5 MW power from about 50 tonnes per day solid wastes is under installation at M/s Hind Agro Ltd., Aligarh. The plant is being installed by M/s RSB Japan on turnkey basis under the technical supervision of Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai. All major indigenous as well as imported equipment have been installed at the site and civil work is nearing completion. The project is likely to be completed by June 2005. Regular monitoring of the project was carried out through meetings of the Steering Committee and site visits.

0.3 MW power project utilising vegetable market wastes at Koyembedu Market Complex, Chennai: The Biomethanation plant being installed at Koyembedu Market Complex (KMC), Chennai is expected to treat about 30 tonnes of Vegetable Market Wastes per day for generation of around 0.3 MW of power. The

estimated generation of biogas from the plant is about 2500 cum., besides generation of around 9-10 tonnes of organic manure having moisture content of 25-30% per day. The biogas produced will be utilised in a 230 kW imported gas engine having in-built co-generating unit for generation of electricity and thermal energy. The project is likely to be completed by March 2005. It is being implemented by Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority under the technical supervision of CLRI, Chennai. The installation of the plant is being done by M/s Enkem Engineers Pvt. Ltd, Chennai on turn-key basis. Project activities were monitored by making visits and organising meetings of the Project Steering Committees at the project site.

To explore the possibility of treating MSW at decentralised level in urban areas, details of smaller size biogas plants working on mixed urban waste in the range of 1-10 tonnes per day were collected from various suppliers/ technical institutions. One such technology has been developed by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) and has been uccessfully implemented in the field. The technology is a modified KVIC biogas plant with two modifications made as detailed below so as to treat mixed biodegradable waste.

i) A 5 HP mixer has been introduced to process the waste before putting it into pre-digester tank. The waste is converted in slurry by mixing it with water (1:1). Usually this is the failure point as solid waste is too difficult to digest and can easily clog a system.

ii) Use of thermophilic microbes for faster degradation of the waste through aerobic process. The growth of thermophiles in the pre-digester tank is assured by mixing the waste with hot water and maintaining the temperature in the range of 55 to 60°C. The hot water supply is from solar heater/ biogas boiler.

To further improve upon this technology and standardise the design parameters for its large-scale promotion in the country, financial support was provided to BARC under UNDP project during the year. The outcome of the project is expected to be delivered by the end of financial year 2004-05.

National Master Plan: A National Master Plan (NMP) for Development of ‘Waste-to-Energy Programme’ in India, is being prepared through a consultancy organisation namely M/s Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH), Mumbai, as part of the UNDP/GEF assisted Project on “Development of High Rate Biomethanation Processes” The overall structure of NMP is to prepare a Road Map for Recovery of Energy from Wastes during the next 15 years. The draft document on the National Master Plan prepared during 2003-04 was discussed with all the stakeholders in a conference organised in Delhi on 29th April 2004 and is now under finalisation. The conference was attended by 60 officials from Central & State Governments, NGOs, financial & technical institutions, promoters, UNDP project beneficiaries, consultants, etc. The NMP is available on website: http://www.indiawteplan.com

Bio Energy Newsletter: A quarterly newsletter “Bio Energy News” (BEN) is being published on a regular basis since September 1996. The Newsletter focuses on developments taking place in the field of waste processing and treatment technologies, waste management practices, bio-energy, etc. Two issues of this newsletter were published during the year. BEN is also available on the website of MNES (www.mnes.nic.in) as well as that of UNDP (www.undp.org).

New R&D Projects
Two new R&D projects viz. (i) Demonstration of sulfdry process – a low cost hydrogen sulphide removal system for power generation: by M/s Engineers India Ltd., Gurgaon and (ii) Applied R&D applications of USAB system and energy recovery from tannery wastewater at CETP Dindigul, Tamilnadu: by CLRI, Chennai have been initiated during this year with financial participation from other stakeholders.

Other Activities
A National seminar on ‘Biomass based decentralised power generation’ organised by SPRERI, Vallabh Vidyanagar was attended by U&I Group official on 21st January 2005 wherein a status of the Ministry’s programme on Waste to Energy in the country was presented among the participants.

A presentation on ‘UNDP/GEF assisted Project on Development of High Rate Biomethanation Processes’ was made by the U&I Group officials in the UNDP/GEF session on ‘Integrating Global Environmental Issues into National Development Agenda’ at International Congress on Renewable Energy (ICORE-2005) organised by SESI at Pune during 20-22nd January 2005.

A Meeting was convened by the Ministry of Urban Development at New Delhi on 17th December 2004 with technology experts and developers to discuss various technological options available for the treatment and disposal of municipal solid wastes in a scientific and hygienic manner. The meeting was attended by the U&I Group officials.

A visit to 6 MW capacity MSW based power plant and RDF preparation plant based on MSW installed by M/s SELCO International at Hyderabad was made by the members of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy during 17-18th October, 2004. Officials of MNES and State Government accompanied the Parliamentary Committee. The Committee appreciated the initiative taken by M/s SELCO International in treating the MSW of Hyderabad City by way of installation of these plants.

To promote renewable energy devices including Waste to energy projects in urban areas, a national conference was organised in Delhi on 6th September 2004, which was attended by the Mayors, Municipal Commissioners of the country. A separate session on waste to energy was conducted in the conference wherein presentations on two projects, one on 6MW capacity power plant based on MSW combustion technology at Hyderabad, the other on 5MW capacity power plant based on MSW Biomethanation technology were made by the concerned promoters.


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  1. Ashutosh says:

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    • Shyam says:

      Hi Mr Ashutosh
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      Pls help me with ur knowledge oe let me have the contacts of concerned person who can help me in setting up a plant



      • Chandra Mohan says:

        JFE Engineering Corporation is a Japanese company with technology for waste-to-energy projects. Hyper21 Stoker type incineration and gasifying melting system is our speciality. We have over 150 incineration plants in Japan and 8 references world-wide for gasification plants. Middle-east office is in Dubai. If you want to discuss more please contact me on above e-mail ID.


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      • jainish says:

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      • jainish says:

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    • saleesh says:

      Dear Sir
      WE can help for a new technology renewable project (plastic waste to petrol & diesel fuel) which is not yet comes in India. FOr more details plese contact thorugh emil (saleeshjoseph@gmail.com).


    • Viswanath says:

      Dear Sir,

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    • upendra says:

      Dear Mr.Asutosh,

      Its very nice for your interesting in renewable energy sector,if you can give your requirement details (like raw materials details in quantity and quality) then I can help you.


  2. Oye Ogundele says:

    Hi, kndly assist with contacts for a Project Manager that can help with setting up a Waste management Plant in Nigeria, West Africa.


  3. We want to set up a bio methanation plant to generate 1 MW power


    • Mr Solaiyappan

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    • Dear Mr.Solaiyappan,

      Good Day!

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      Mr. Slaiyappan,

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    • Viswanath says:

      Dear Sir,

      We are leading player in the field of installing power plant based on Gas Engines ( Both Natural and Non Natural Gases ) powered with M/s. Dresser-Rand Guascor Group from Spain, Engines in the range from 140 KW to 1200 KW in single unit and shall be coupled together for higher requirements. We also do undertake complete turnkey jobs and can offer O & M contracts as well depending upon the requirement of customers. We have the distinction of installing maximum Gas Engines based power plants ( more than 60 Nos ) and generating cumulative power of more than 100 MW in India.
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  4. CHELLVAM says:

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  5. Ali says:

    Hi I would like to know if you can help me set up a 60MW waste-to-energy facility in Saudi Arabia.


  6. toxicswatch says:

    For waste to energy biological treatment method is fine but beware of incineration based waste to energy projects and technologies. They are highly polluting and without exception all such plants have failed in India.


  7. DEEPAK KADAM says:

    What is the area required to generate 1.0MW including transmission yard and power transformer.
    At what voltge the generation takes place?
    Can the generator be installed in city?
    I am interested in MSW to energy.Where the technology is available?Can u give the contacts?


  8. I went through the article, I wish to mention here that can arrange the plant for 1000TD for MSW project, provided you have the contract with the muncipality – land around 10 acres – electricity – water facilities at the site. The plant is the latest – it is from USA/CANADA. We could provide partial loan for the project. Total cost of the plant of 1000 is around 75-80 million US DOLLARS. More details after hearing from you. Bhatia, cell number 09819035035.


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  9. N Srinivasa Murthy says:

    It was very good article on the Electrical energy generation by using Renewable energy such as MSW etc., please provide me details of the project to start a project immediately as Am an Electrical engineer please. I wait for reply soon


    • martin joseph says:

      Dear Sir,
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  11. George says:

    Introduce me to companies that has the expertise to turn municipal waste to power. We are intersted in small plants between 1 to 1.5 MW plants.


  12. Wali Rahman , Director , RAC Systems says:

    I am usually not on this blog, I can be contacted on email.

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  13. R.P. Singh says:

    It was really informative and encouraging.
    Please provide me the contact details of the person in Delhi who can provide details on the project of “Energy from Vegitable Waste”.

    Thanks & Regards,
    R.P. Singh
    +91 9911231383


    • V.A.Kumar says:

      Dear Mr. Singh,

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      • martin joseph says:

        Dear Sir,
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  17. JOSEPH AJEMBA says:

    Waste to Energy MANAEMENT




  18. System


    400k tonnes/year capacity of hazardous waste

    Can do upwards of 1,000 tonnes/day or more of processed municipal solid waste with higher organic component

    Can be supplemented with higher carbon content fuels such as coal, diesel fuel, crude oil, etc. to produce clean energy

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    TEC out sources manufacturing of non-critical components to East Asian manufacturers (Hyundai Plant in S Korea)

    TEC solution solves the problem for municipalities by managing their waste problems, and also producing clean power from such waste, thus converting red-ink to black

    Multiple, Scalable, Custom Front-ends that can receive different waste streams

    Software monitoring the energy content of waste streams and maintaining minimum energy content (British Thermal Unit “BTU” values) to sustain incineration process

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    TEC technology also supports pelletization to shred, mix and sort through specific types of waste that yield the minimum required energy content once pelletized.

    TEC uses Babcock & Wilcox Boilers matched precisely with GE Turbines for Power Generation



    Some projects which employed TEC technology, ran for 18 months non-stop without any shutdowns or failures

    It was initially developed by Ensco & US Military at a cost of $250M (1980 dollars)

    Many EPA Guidelines for Hazardous Waste Management took the MWP-2000 as a standard for defining the rules & regulations

    TEC technology has over 25 years of proven track record

    Projects are currently underway in Ghana, Malaysia, and are also conducting for GCC countries, India & Canada.

    There are fully operational plants, with minimum 15 Mw/h power generation capacity components, located in Arkansas, USA and in Alberta, Canada.

    Potential buyers and officials can visit http://www.integraglobalgreenenery.com for general information.

    Performance Claims


    Residual products that remain after pyrolysis are:

    An inert clean ash (similar to fly ash used for cement)


    Scrap metals retrieved (can be resold)

    TEC, ISO-14064 certified the only waste to green energy technology with this certification

    TEC system’s Destruction Removal Efficiency (DRE) of 99.9999998%, much higher than the required regulatory limit (in fact, emissions are cleaner than a car’s exhaust)

    TEC system uses wet scrubber systems to cap the emissions and thus reducing releases of toxin gases in the atmosphere

    The MWP2000/2001 is licensed by the Environment Protection Agency (“EPA”) in all nine regions in the US and is also a Canadian Ministry of Environment (“MoE”) certified & approved.

    In fact, the “TEC” systems exceed requirements many times over and the technology is years ahead of the competition.

    TEC system is self-powered using its own waste-stream as a source of fuel, thus reducing requirements of surrogate fuel and also reducing costs, except at start-up to heat the system using LNG

    TEC is the only such technology that is USA EPA, Canadian and European regulatory agency approved with power generation on the backend.

    TEC uses the proprietary thermodynamic energy converter “TEC” system, without the burning of fossil fuels

    Systems are installed in months versus the years required to construct large central power plants.

    “TEC” systems operate more economically and efficiently than any other similar system available.

    Types of Wastes


    307 of the most toxic materials

    PCB’s & Dioxins

    Agent Orange Toxin

    Low Level (RAD) Medical & Radioactive waste


    Chemical / Petroleum Hazardous Waste

    Electrical Equipment Hazardous Waste

    Municipal Solid Wastes (“MSW”) Land fills and current waste stream

    The MSW is initially processed to remove the metals, sorted and blended to provide a more balanced BTU level during the pyrolysis process. This is then shredded down to smaller sized pieces. This processed ‘fuel’ can also be stored to be used at a later date.


    MSW is processed to remove most of the metals

    Sorted and blended to provide balanced BTU level

    Shred down to smaller screen size for maximized expansion rates

    Oil Sludge

    Animal Sludge Waste

    Old tires

    Industrial Waste

    Military Waste

    Industry Market


    Many industry experts believe that energy-from-waste technology is the most viable and sustainable alternative to resolving worldwide issues on electric power capacity and distribution.

    EFW generation is forecast to provide upwards of 25% of the electricity to the world within the next 20 years. Sweden exemplifies the cost benefits of EFW and currently remediates half the country’s municipal waste to extract energy for electricity and heat.

    If garbage is a renewable resource that can be recycled into electricity using the “TEC” system and at the same time greenhouse gas emissions can be drastically reduced, why dump it in a landfill?

    When the energy locked in the waste stream is converted from one form to another it can power our homes in the form of electricity or hydrogen and we can all benefit from the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the reduction of fossil fuel consumption.

    Finding more effective ways to distribute electricity is also critical to solving the worldwide energy problem. Ageing transmission lines break down more frequently and are creating longer power outages. Building several micro generation plants locally instead of one large plant miles away will reduce distribution costs and increase reliability

    Economic Sense

    A joint venture is possible with TriClean/Integra where we will fund half of the cost of the plant and participate in the profits.

    Demand for additional power sources has grown dramatically in the Middle East and India. For example, there is a drastic shortage of power in the Northern Emirates where newly constructed building projects are waiting 1 to 2 years to be powered. In Dubai, new building permits are delayed by as much as 3 years because there is not enough electricity to meet the demand. In India the practice of ‘Power Shedding’ is a daily occurrence where the power is cut off shutting down industrial production for hours at a time and approximately 60% of India’s population lives in the dark at night. India currently has a shortage of 70,000 Megawatts.

    The pyrolysis/power generation plants are a sensible, profitable, environmentally clean solution that can provide an answer for much of these energy requirements and at the same time help to reduce the municipal waste problem.


  19. yogender says:

    hi my name is yogender. from delhi i want to start a power project from bio waste.can you guide me to any person or agency orinstitute which can guide me relatd to this thanks my no. is 09968893819


  20. Khaled Elsheikh says:

    anybody knows a commercialized pyrolysis technology for medical waste.
    we prefer an Indian technology.
    please send an e-mail
    thank you


  21. Khaled Elsheikh says:

    anybody knows a commercialized pyrolysis technology for medical waste.
    we prefer an Indian technology.
    please send an e-mail: koma4@msn.com
    thank you


  22. Yogesh Kathrecha says:

    We have designed the thermal processing plant for MSW to RDF manufacturing. It will be used to generate electricity via steam turbine route.

    The plasma based gasification of the hazardous waste is also under implementation.

    We are putting up a plant to incinerate the hazardous waste and recovering the energy to generate the electric power. The incineration rate is 2.5 tons per hour.

    For the details about the plant and the technology for the Waste to Energy from MSW contact us.


  23. Gopal says:

    Dear Friends,

    I am interested in setting up a MSW power plant in Tamilnadu. The MSW potential in my city is 600T per day. I would like the turnkey plant providers to contact me for further discussions. Interested parties can respond in this forum itself.


    • D Sujan Asha says:

      Dear Mr. Gopal,

      To provide a brief view of our activities in contention towards presenting our capabilities in Municipal Solid Waste Management as a service provider, we wish to highlight our capabilities as detailed below:

      In the projects of solid waste management and waste material recovery, HYQUIP offers “a multiple processing technology approach”, which is an answer to remove the uncertainties of a single technology performance, considering the changing waste characteristics from location to location, generation habits and climatic conditions.

      Hyquip has developed processes adopting various methods to achieve faster Recycling, Accelerated Aerobic Composting and in the preparation of Refuse Derived Fuel / Fluff to convert this negative cost raw-materials (MSW) into consistent material of value, to make them commercially re-salable.

      Our Group – HYQUIP based at Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India – is a 25 year old organization backed by a strength of 200 immensely capable personnel and is one of the fast growing engineering companies in South India.

      Hyquip also provides a single window approach from concept to commissioning to install Waste to Energy Power Project and have the hands on experience having been associated with M/s. Shriram Energy Systems Ltd. right from its inception, the first Waste to Energy Power Plant to come up in India.

      We further declare that, M/s. Hyquip Technologies Ltd., are legitimate owner-developers and promoters of Municipal Solid Waste Management covering processing, treatment, providing engineering facilities, relevant to the Indian Garbage.

      Our success is based on our exemplary designing and engineering skill, compatible manufacturing capabilities, zero cost over runs and a committed customer care. We have developed and perfected many technologies that have become an industry standard today. The group has an impressive involvement in various sectors like Municipal Solid Waste Recycling, Biomass Power Projects, Bulk Conveying Systems for Coal, Minerals, Cement, Sugar, Paper, Seeds, Unit Handling and Automation solutions for Aluminium Profiles, Steel, Batteries, Diary Products and Pharmaceuticals.

      It is not out of place to mention that Hyquip pioneered the Multi Fuel Handling System for Biomass Power Projects and has executed over 40 such projects which have been erected, commissioned and now working satisfactorily, exporting power to the national grid.

      Presently, Hyquip has been selected by M/s RDF Power Projects Ltd., to construct and implement their 11 MW Waste-to-Energy Power Plant at Hyderabad – a fast track project which is to be built in a record period of 16 months.

      Incase you do require any clarification; please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Assuring you of our best services.

      Thanking you,

      Yours faithfully,
      For Hyquip Technologies Ltd.,

      D Sujan Asha


    • Chandra Mohan says:

      Dear Gopal, if you have not yet selected the turnkey plant provider for your project in Tamilnadu, please contact me. I am with JFE Engineering Corporation of Japan and our middle-east office is located in Dubai. If you check our web site you will notice that we have the latest technology in WTE. Regards. mohan.chandra@jfee-uae.com


    • martin joseph says:

      Dear Sir,
      I have a good experience in electrical machinery handling, control panel etc… for 8 years. I continued my work in a Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Company. I was the electrical in charge and also sorted out mechanical problem in machinery. We have some people who are ready to handle total recycling plant. We have the total solution in production and marketing field of the requirement of ton per day the departments are segregation, RDF, plastic and compost we can also produce C N G gas and electricity. Please contact with the number 00919173341345
      Martin joseph


  24. Dear Readers
    This post has become a forum. It is very heartening.

    I have received an email. I am reproducing it for you all to consider and if possible help.

    Hello Mr.Rashid

    I saw your website. can you help the waste to energy to power project.I would like to Start waste to Energy Renewable Power project in India, Our corporate company GridX Technolabs Pvt Ltd. http://www.gridxtechnolabs.com as well as Non Profitable Organisation. website: http://www.genesistrustindia.com we would like to start either Trust or company. Please send the following details 1. List of ( 50 M W ) Machines, cost of the machines and sellers address2. How Many acres of land need for the project3. 50 MW Project profile and cost with all profile with cash flow Statement, P & L Project over view, cost of Production. We want project proposal with full details. Will you take response to erect and maintenance in the basis of AMC or let you know your terms and conditions. Please send the reply as early as possible Thanking you

    With RegardsJohn DuraiManaging DirectorGridx Technolabs pvt ltd
    Mobile : 09345051510Phone: +91043102782722Fax : +91 431 4030990


  25. SUNIL AGGARWAL says:

    We are in the business of setting up waste to energy projects.We are having unique experience of handling O&M of Biomethanation power plants.We can be contacted at following e mail.
    Sunil Aggarwal


  26. Jaya P Pradhan says:

    We would like to generate electricity, produce cooking gas, steam, and biochar from pyrolysis of poultry litter. Could someone plz help me quantify the inputs and outputs of this process and recommend me who i should contact for the plant design and supply to Kathmandu, Nepal and also some form of technical support.

    Let me mention that we can comfortably use about 40tons of litter per day.


  27. Venkatesan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am from Tata capital Ltd(Project Finance). Kindly give an oppurtunity to share the debt cost to generate power energy.



  28. Dear All,

    We are a consulting and implementing agency of municipal Solid waste plants of RDF and compost, we have made aggriment with a dozen of municipallities including the biggest of them includes, Gorai, Deonar, muland etc…
    Any party who manufactures and supply machineries for processing waste can send the details of machineries such as
    shredders, trommels, cutters, Air Density seperator, Dryers, pellet mill, bailing units, briquetteing machines etc….
    Can contact me on 09377676952

    Thanx and regards,


  29. Rajkumar T says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are “Total Productive Asset Management Service” provider.

    We have a strong Technical Team of 6000 Employees in the disciplines of Engineering (Mechanical / Electrical & Instrumentation).



    Erection & Commissioning of Total Plant like Petrochemical, Steel Plants, Power Plants, Cements etc.

    Total Plant Maintenance Services (Greenfield Project)

    Operation & Maintenance Services of Power Plant

    O&M of Utility services

    Shut down Support Services

    Pre-commissioning & Start up Services

    Relocation of Total Plant

    Refurbishment of Equipment including Turbine Overhauling

    Facility Management Services

    Training and EAM Solutions

    We also provide services of supplying Skilled & Quality Manpower for Project Management from Project Manager to Technician (Skilled) for construction of Power Plants & Various Process Industries including steel, Cement, Sugar, Paper etc.

    We are ready to provide services with you.
    Best Regards
    rajkumar T



  30. Rajkumar T says:

    right now we are focusing on Biomass Power Plant..

    send your valuable enquairy to,



  31. jayesh kakadiya says:

    hello dear
    i am verymuch interested to built waste to energy plant about 300 tpd and specially base on gasication. so is that possible for the setlelling up this in surat or rajkot for you? as you told that it was earliar proposed by the municipal corporation on that location same like in ahmedabad MOU was sign by the selco with corporation.
    so please give me some information regarding this and proper guidence for the further communication.

    thank you
    jayesh kakakdiya


  32. swamy says:

    I am interested to setup Municipal solid waste to Energy of 1MW project in Andhrapradesh.If you have project cost details like cashflow,ROI and Capital investment please send it to my mail: swamymk@rediff.com


  33. ANOOB T A says:

    Hi Sir,
    am anoob from kerala…..i can supply solid wood waste for your plant of about 1000 ton per year….the moisture content is very low that is less than 20 percent……

    with regards’,


  34. hi
    iam hari from andhrapradesh , west godavari , kovvur , iam intrested to set up waste to energy power plant using MSW(mass burn) so pls give me the details about 0.5MW project cost


  35. radha krishna says:

    Hi, we are energetic company from Moscow(Russia).We are in the business of setting up waste to energy projects.we already started 8 (0.25mw to 1 mw)WET in Germany.We can help you
    start new WET in India from 0.25 MW to 5000 MW.We are coming to Mumbai next month.If interested let me know.If anybody is serious, we can come to your place to meet.

    good luck



    • Rajat Sharma says:


      I am Rajat I am running my NGO. We are interested to set up waste to energy plant Pls let us know how ur company help us .



  36. Jawad Rabbani says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am working in CDG Lahore. Would you provide me any data or calculations related with the MSW to energy projects especially in Indian environment.

    Waiting for your prompt and positive response

    Jawad Rabbani
    Environmental Expert


  37. keshav says:



  38. jay bhagat says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am interested in establishing a municipal waste to energy electricity plant.The size of the population or the municipality is 15000.Interested companies please reply. thanks


  39. admin says:

    Your posting have added my reference. thanks.


  40. RN GHOSH says:

    We are in the process of setting up WTE across almost all industrial estates in India. We will invest 50% equity with a local entrepreneur who wishes to set up his own WTE plant.

    We will setup the WTE plant, assure supply of raw materials for Four Years, and evacuate Energy during this period, paying cash to the WTE company.

    The Entrepreneur will be entrusted with the day to day operation of the plant and will have no diversion of attention towards procurement of raw material (waste) nor will need to be worried to sell the energy output. To secure our interest, all financials will be operated by our appointed staff in the WTE.

    At the end of Four Years, the Entreprenuer will have the option of buying our our share at current market price and become 100% owner of the WTE Plant.

    During the operational phase, the Entrepreneur as Managing Director will get a Salary equivalent to a Bank Monthly Income Scheme on his investment or Rs 27 Lakhs, but at much higher rate of interest.

    In addition, when the plant operations commence, the ROI will be more than 10% per month and the project Break Even Point will be less than 24 months (including recovery of Capital Expenditure).

    Besides the stated aim of producing renewable energy with an environment friendly technology, the basic aim of this methodology is to provide a Platform for those who want to set up their own industry but cannot do so for want of an appropriate business model / investor support. These could be for those who want to break away from the yolk of employment and have an entrepreneurship dream, or those who are retiring soon and looking for avenues to invest or could be those who are working, have grown up children and want to set them up in a good business venture.

    If this interests you, take the following steps before contacting us:

    1. Identify your nearest Industrial Area and locate a vacant plot of at least 10,000 sq ft and find out its rental (unless you yourself own one). Also find out if they are willing to rent it out for 10 years. Or if you have large tracts of waste land with good road access, you may use the same for this project. In either case, prepare a land sketch giving details of industries / habitation around, scan and send to us.

    2. Then set about keeping aside Rs 27 Lakhs as Promoters Equity. If you dont have this amount, you may like to make a consortium with your family and friends. Once you have this money ready, let us know, and after agreements, our group will invest an equivalent amount to become a 50% partner in the WTE Company to be formed. Once this is done, we will harness Bank Debt to complete the project and get operational within 5 to 7 months.

    Please do not contact us before you are ready with the above two requirements for any clarification as we are already swamped with irrelevant queries. When you are ready, we will give you a full project report so that all your queries will be answered.

    So, when you are ready, send an email to me at including scanned sketch of the land to be used for the project, a small writeup of the area around it, rental, escalation factor and upfront security deposite payment sought by the lessor. In addition give proof of funds available (bank statement extracts) so that we know you are truly ready to exploit this exciting opportunity.


  41. Giuseppe Cozzetto says:

    dear sir I am Giuseppe From Italy i am new in this blog. Five years ago we start to supply waste for energy from italy municipal plant to cement plant and power plant.
    If i can help you we are a enviromental consulting company and we can replay at you question about quality , and export about this material.
    these are our contact

    Giuseppe Cozzetto
    GIANECO srl – Via San Francesco d’Assisi 50 – GIAVENO (TO)
    tel. +390119370420 – fax +390119379658
    skype fabiocozzetto


  42. mohan nikam says:

    respected sir i am working as central exicutive officer form last year in sewam (social educational welfare association for multi purpose) at malegaon dist nashik of maharasrta state of india .malegaoon city is knwon as bomb blast and hindu-muslim conflict but there are so many social problem like health and hyigene so sewam ngo wont work in solid liquid waste management programme/project if waste will manage hyigene will improve and society will free form diseases, so please guide for waste management programme and scheme or which funds are availabale for it how could set up waste to energy plant andproduction of bio fertiliser factory which will helpful to humen being


  43. Balu says:

    Could you please let me know which are the top 10 companies in world for building WTE plants?
    which WTE technology is good and economical for india?


  44. pavan kumar says:

    respected sir my name pavan kumar, from andhra pradesh. I and my friends are planning to keep a briquetting mafacturing plant in our state. could u pls guide up where can we get the bio waste materal and also the machinery.. could please mail me those details .thanking you


    • martin joseph says:

      Dear Sir,
      We have good experience in msw recycling company of related machinery and its maintenance also its electrical working. Can make CNG gas and Electricity also. More details contact . 09173341345S

      Martin joseph


  45. A.M.RAO says:

    Dear sir,
    i am a marketing executive in prumatech services pvt ltd.our company is providing technical services(out sourcing ) to power plants.please let me know e mail id’s those who are interested.
    Thanks & Regards
    Sr.Executive busuness


    • ARUL says:

      hello sir
      i have own my poultry farm(10000birds) in my surrounding nearly 100000 birds, and i like to start an poultry waste biogas plant in my place .pls send me the details &procedures which should i want to follow for implementing a biogas plant.
      thanks &waiting for ur’s reply


      • Viswanath says:

        It will indeed be a pleasure hearing from you and serving your most prestigious organization.
        With Warm Regards,
        (M) : +91-9346755423


      • Dear Sir,
        We have already done such type of project in Namakkal,Tamilnadu.
        1.3 Mw x 3 Nos. Biogas gensets install at the site in 2006.

        Request to provide your contact no.


        Shishir Dubey
        Green Power International Pvt. Ltd.


  46. saleesh says:

    Dear all,
    Please think new technology for the waste plastic to petrol & diesel keeping EUROIV standards,keeping International Emission and pollution controll with an low project budget cost. More details please contact to email saleeshjoseph@gmail.com


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  48. Vijay Gadakh says:

    Dear Sir,
    We wanted to start the tyre recylcing plant in sangamner tal. ahmednagar district maharashtra. I have already collected some information regarding the plant but question arises for where i can get suppliers for raw material i.e. plastic, tyres, etc. Kindly provide the details of suppliers from Nasik, Ahmednagar, Pune, Akole, Aurangabad, regions
    Thanking You.


  49. Victor Chempinsky says:

    Dear Sir,

    I`m from Canada, and our research group working on new building materials utilizing fly ash from Waste to Energy Facilities. Right now we have on going project with Burnaby Waste to Energy Facility to utilize fly ash instead of dumping. Landfills becomes very expensive. Our technology can replace usage of Portland Cement and gain Green Credits as curing temperature is ambient (or + 40 Deg C) no need in clinkers.

    You welcome contact me by email: chempinsky@gmail.com


  50. Hi this is chetan bhadane,

    i am Working in oil & gas company, Our company having brief knowledge of power generate from Municipal Solid waste. this technology using high temperature for MSW, u can drop MSW in High temperature reactor this reactor temp is 1600-2000 C, so ur MSW waste is 100 kg u can using this system u get the .1% ash, no segregation, no incineration, is it pure power generate technology. any one who will be interested pls mail me on my id


  51. Maxim says:

    Dear sirs!
    we are producing recycling plants with different per day outputs.
    if you are still interested in recycling technology please contact me on mail sales@biodiesel.crimea.ua. Our company exists since 1998. At present the main activities of the company “Biodiesel-Crimea” is the production of distillation columns, pyrolysis and biodiesel plants – equipment that allows of waste and recycled materials to obtain different types of fuel. also visit our site http://biodiesel-ua.com/en/index.php

    Best regards,
    Sales director, Maxim


  52. roslina says:

    i’m roslina…actually i’m interested to generate energy from slaugther wastewater..but i don’t know it is have more potential to generate or not..i also want to know it is better to generate methane or hydrogen by using that waste….TQ


    • upendra says:

      Can you provide the quantity of slaughter waste water then I can give you the details.
      For your information you can generate CH4 and H2 from sewage waste by different technologies.


  53. S.R.Kulkarni says:

    Work Experience: Mr. S.R.Kulkarni
    Range of industrial equipment built by me as under

    Bell type bright annealing furnaces for cold rolled strips both ferrous and non-ferrous electrically heated, gas fired, and oil fired

    Bogie hearth furnace for forged steel round and squire bar size 150mm to 500mm and length 1000mm to 6000mm
    Pit type annealing furnace
    Aluminum melting furnace
    Burner management system for all furnaces
    Revamping of furnaces customized requirement
    Incinerator for industrial and hospital waste
    Cremator system gas fired and oil fired

    Company experience;
    Pas engineering industries ltd, New-Delhi
    Design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of long tube vertical evaporator for paper industries M/S Bhadrachalam paper boards ltd., Bhadrachalam (AP), Nepa paper mills ltd., Nepanagar (MP)

    Gannon Dunkerley and company ltd., Mumbai
    Turn key project for steel industries and Petrochemical

    Ispat profiles ltd., Pune, Dismantling total plant from Italy, and Re-erection and commissioning of total system in India pune

    Supply, fabrication, erection and testing and hand over of 40M Dia oil storage tank qty. 4nos for IOCL, JNPT Uran, Under PDIL consultant

    Allied consulting engineers Chambur, Mumbai
    Design, supply, mfg. of varies furnaces for steel industries, and incinerator for hospital waste and industrial waste

    WORK SKILLS:-Mr. Rajendrakumar Pillai

    At M/s Reliance Industries Limited, for 21 years it Operation and Maintenance of High Pressure Boilers and other auxiliaries. Boiler Plant/House consisting of three numbers of Boilers of Borsig make, with a steam capacity of 70 tons/hr with 101 bar pressure and steam temperature of 495 degree Centigrade.

    Operation of 2 numbers of Gas Turbine Generators of 35 MW capacities each, Frame VI, Bhel make. Also attached by Heat Recovery Steam Generation Plant (HRSG) with 120 ton/hr steam capacity each and working pressure of 100 bars.
    Operation of 4 numbers of Demineralization Plant each with a capacity of 100 m3/hr.
    Operation of vacuum absorption units of 600 tons capacity.
    Monitoring the cooling water system along with 5 number of cooling water pumps each with a capacity of 5000 m3/hr.

    Work Experience:-Mr.Prakash Babar
    M/s. ADGAS Abu Dhabi (Supplied by EMEC)
    Product:- Liquefied Natural Gas – LNG
    Carrying PM/Corrective Jobs on Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Boilers, Compressors, Pumps, Utilities & Process Control Systems, PLC, TDC, CCC Anti Surge System, Bentley Nevada Vibration Systems, On Line Analyzers etc.

    Carrying PM/Corrective Jobs on Tank Form, Jetty Reciprocating Compressors, Blow down & Flair, Vapour Recovery unit etc., and instrumentation on field as well as in the Control Room.

    M/s. Reliance Industries Limited
    (Petrochemical Division)
    Central Engineering Workshop
    (Product : PTA, PX, Polyester, LAB)

    Repairing and Calibration of following Instruments:

    Field Instruments

    Rosemount Transmitters, I/P Converters, Control Valves, Valve Positioners, Pressure Gauges, Solenoid Valves, Temperature Switches, Level Switches, Pressure Regulators.

    Control Room Instruments

    MOD 30 (Controller, Recorder, Math Unit), Timers S.M.P.S. (Zenith & MOD 30 Power Supplies), Monitors, RIS Cards, Flair Monitoring Systems, PLC’s etc.

    Order executed:- Fulgaddikar Furnaces
    M/S Vipras Casting Ltd., Oil based Bogie hearth furnace
    20-Ton Re-heating bogie hearth furnace forged steel, Ingots, Blooms, Semis, square, Rectangular of size 150mm to 500mm in diameter and 1000mm to 6000mm in length 36hrs cycling time at Khopoli (MS)
    M/S Vipras Casting Ltd., Holding furnace
    50-Ton capacity holding furnace steel forging size 150mm to 500mm in diameter and 1000mm to 6000mm in length 36hrs cycling time at Khopoli (MS)

    M/S Veena Industries Ltd.,
    Pit type annealing furnace for stress reliving shaft 24CrMo4 material shaft diameter 450mm and length 3000mm of 700kgs weight 20hrs cycling time at Pune
    M/S Daas Enterprises
    100kg/50kg hospital waste incinerator at Kolhapur
    M/S Krishna hospital
    Re-vamping and expansion of existing incinerator at Karad
    Order in hand:- M/S Fly-Walk Shoes.; Leather Waste Incinerator
    50kg per hr capacity leather waste incinerator with heat recovery system hot air supplied to process 100 dig c for their existing oven at Calicut fabrication work is in progress
    Order in process Gas based Cremator at Kalyan Municipal corporation Kalyan, Dombivli
    Gas based cremator at Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Nerul
    Recently commissioned Gas Based cremator at NMMC, Nerul Navi-Mumbai Through Rotary Club, Nerul Navi Mumbai and handling over to corporation process is in progress through rotary club
    Future development we have developed hospital waste incinerator with heat recovery system. The hot water can recover from incinerator about 2000litrs and can be used for laundry and canteen purpose. The cost of Rs.1.25 x 2000litrs=Rs.2050 can recover per day
    Municipal waste 3-Ton per day capacity municipal waste incinerator for small village and taluka places under development
    Mobile cremator Gas based mobile cremator for small villages under development. More over us have developed smoke less heat recovery and scrubbing for existing wood fire cremator for large scale and metro city. We have submitted our project to M/S NMMC Nerul, Navi-Mumbai for studding the project
    Encl:- Certificate


  54. Dear All Readers,

    First of all i would like to convey the core point, viz.,

    1. Did any WTE project on MSW existing in india, if yes, please let me know the status
    2. As per the Indian climatic condition and the rate of calorific value is low.
    3. Certain initiatives have taken place, but as of now every plant is facing technical and financial crisis.
    4. Basically Segregation at source concept is not properly executed, this is the main draw back of any project.
    5. Financial support available, certainly it is their, but approved project is very less
    6. Any successive project for that matter, must basically concentrate on the segregation part which is very vital.
    7. Other relevant information is available, will be provided on request.

    The only option for sorting out the problem of urban crisis, is to promote the advanced technology which has to be approved by the ministry of environment and forest.

    For all the details, i can render very good suggestion and provide the good technology where i am already having, due to the financial constrains, i could not able to execute.

    Only good company and entrepreneurs and financial sound are welcome.

    Please mail on to blr@howbiomass.in


    Mahender Singh


  55. Your entire blog, “Waste to Energy in India | Rashid’s Blog” was in fact well worth writing a comment down here in the comment section! Merely wanted to admit you really did a great job. Regards ,Jim


  56. Sweet blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!
    Appreciate it


  57. Lottie says:

    We absolutely love your blog and find many of your post’s to be exactly what
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    Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) or solid recovered fuel/ specified recovered fuel (SRF) is a fuel produced by shredding and dehydrating solid waste (MSW) with a Waste converter technology. RDF consists largely of combustible components of municipal waste such as plastics and biodegradable waste. RDF processing facilities are normally located near a source of MSW. SRF can be distinguished from RDF in the fact that it is produced. A comprehensive review is now available on SRF / RDF production, quality standards and thermal recovery

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