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How can cultural geography help energy policy makers? (link)

In an interesting post on AUSCCER blog the relationship is explained here. The theoretical and methodological approaches of cultural geography may help inform energy policy initiatives by providing insights to how people live with the arrival of winter cold in … Continue reading

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Top Street Food to Devour in Bangalore this Ramzan (link)

Ramzan is that  time of the year when prayer and food go together. Along with the strict schedules for fasting and praying, come special delicacies, some of which are to be enjoyed at home and some have to be had … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Increasing Trend of Buying Second Home

 Second Home is  a home used only at certain times of the year. Increased disposable income coupled with high internet availability have resulted in an increase in second home ownership. These homes are used for spending weekends or holidays in hill … Continue reading

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More Than Half of College Faculty in America Are Adjuncts: Should You Care?(link)

Nearly three-quarters of American professors are contingent faculty. That’s a problem for students. In 1975, 30 percent of college faculty were part-time. By 2011, 51 percent of college faculty were part-time, and another 19 percent were non–tenure track, full-time employees. … Continue reading

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The Future of Jewellery Shopping is Online

To look beautiful and to wear Jewellery is an innate desire of a woman. To look beautiful and to wear Jewellery is an innate desire of a woman. Jewellery is, in fact, ancient love of a woman. Women wore jewellery since … Continue reading

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Some Questions on land Acquisition in India- and World

These are the vital questions in the land Acquisition debate:  Is it being done t the behest of World Bank? Is it necessary for the so called development? What development mean for a country like India? Is the farmer and … Continue reading

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