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Some Questions on land Acquisition in India- and World

These are the vital questions in the land Acquisition debate:  Is it being done t the behest of World Bank? Is it necessary for the so called development? What development mean for a country like India? Is the farmer and … Continue reading

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Is Our Urban Realm is Turning into a Big Slum?

We’re not just talking about poor people living in classic shantytowns on the peripheries of Global South cities, but living on rooftops, in filled-in airwells in the centre of buildings; in cages of wire netting erected to protect their few … Continue reading

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London on Thames Is Actually The World’s Real Capital City Still!!

Interesting? But  True read here how

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Middle East:A Misnomer

A term which originated in the west to pack up a group of regions and nations which have different languages, history, and culture. People there do not think of themselves as “middle eastern”. They think of themselves as either Arabs, … Continue reading

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Ziggurats: Important Milestones in Evolution of Cities

Ziggurats were important milestones in the evolution of cities. They were massive stone structures built in the  Mesopotamian valley and western Iranian plateau, in the form of a terraced  pyramid-like structure of successively receding stories or levels.In ancient times, they worked as nuclei … Continue reading

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Africans shaped India’s History and Ruled !!(link)

There was a time in India’s history when being African was no taboo and they mingled in the society and in fact, played a crucial role in India’s history. Some Africans at one point of time were part of India’s … Continue reading

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