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How ‘Clean’ India Become After Cleanliness Drive (link): Report Card

After the ‘Massive’ Cleanliness Drive of October 2,2014 click here to see the detailed report card.

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New Concept in Power Generation: Distributed Power!

Scenario of power generartion is going to change.Earlier when a big power plant retired, it was replaced by one as big or bigger. But not anymore. Energy efficiency is increasingly reducing the need for more power. And when it is … Continue reading

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Garbage in Aligarh

Parts of our cities have become garbage dump. Above is the snap of Jamalpur locality of Aligarh, India.

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Human Settlement Development,Highways and India

A settlement is an existence of occupancy for shelter where people live. Settlement is man’s structural transformation towards application to his environment.The study of settlements is largely a product of the twentieth century. A settlement is man’s first step towards … Continue reading

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Slums are Manifestation of Urban Poverty

Slums are a physical and spatial manifestation of urban poverty and intra-city inequality. However, slums do not accommodate all of the urban poor nor are all slum dwellers always poor.  In India, no city worth its name is free of … Continue reading

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Chanakya’s Thoughts on Town and Country Planning in Contemporary World:Are They Relevant?

Some interesting extracts relating to Town and Country planning in Arthashastra composed by Chanakya in the Maurya period is given below: Town, which is congested, should be freed of surplus population, which should then be housed in a new location. … Continue reading

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