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Rahr Plains of West Bengal, India

Rahr Plains is also known as Rahr Plains, Rarh Plain.Rarh region  is a toponym for an area in the Indian subcontinent that lies between the Chota Nagpur Plateau on the West and the Ganges Delta on the East. Although the … Continue reading

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Mud Pot or Mud Pool and Paint Pot: Landforms Resulting from volcanic and Biological Activity

One of the most interesting looking features of a thermal area is mudpots. A mudpot  or mud pool is an acidic hot spring, or fumarole, with limited water. It usually takes the form of a pool of bubbling mud. The acid … Continue reading

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Monadnock or Inselberg:An Isolated Hill

Monadnock  or inselberg is an isolated rock hill, knob, ridge, or small mountain that rises abruptly from a gently sloping or virtually level surrounding plain. In southern and southern-central Africa, a similar formation of granite is known as a kopje, … Continue reading

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Step By Step Formation of Waterfall

Waterfalls are made when a layer of harder rock overlays on a layer of softer rocks. As the river passes over the softer rocks it erodes faster, forming a step. Hydraulic action erodes and makes the plunge pool and notch … Continue reading

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Extraterrestrial lakes

At present the surface of the planet Mars is too cold and has too little atmospheric pressure to permit the pooling of liquid water on the surface. Geologic evidence appears to confirm, however, that ancient lakes once formed on the … Continue reading

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Oh!! Islands Are Dissolving from Within in Hawai

Soil erosion is the primary force that levels mountains, but now geologists have found that Oahu’s mountains are dissolving from within due to groundwater. Forecasting the island’s future also needs to account for plate tectonics. As Oahu is pushed northwest, … Continue reading

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Landforms:Alluvial Fan

An alluvial fan is a fan-shaped or cone-shaped deposit of gravel, sand, and smaller materials. When water flows down a mountain, it picks up sand and other materials from the mountain. When the water reaches the base of the mountain … Continue reading

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Magma is molten, liquid rock found under the surface of the Earth. Magma can also contain crystals, rock fragments and dissolved gases. The liquid part of magma is called the melt. Earth is divided into three areas. The core is … Continue reading

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Loess  is an aeolian sediment formed by the accumulation of wind-blown silt, typically in the 20–50 micrometre size range, twenty percent or less clay and the balance equal parts sand and silt  that are loosely cemented by calcium carbonate. It … Continue reading

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Danxia:Colourful Landforms

This unique geological sight is known as Danxia landform. You can see it in few locations in China . This example is located in Zhangye, province of Gansu . Colour is the result of built up of million years of … Continue reading

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Erosion to devour 3,000 hectares of land on riverbanks of Ganga,Jamuna and Padma this year in Bangladesh

Around 2,428 hectares of cultivable land and 413 hectares of settlement on the banks of Jamuna, Ganges and Padma rivers will disappear due to erosion this year.Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) and Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS) … Continue reading

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Best Waterfalls of the World

Igauza Falls are waterfalls of the Iguazu River located on the border of the Brazilian State of Paraná and the Argentine Province of Misiones. The falls divide the river into the upper and lower Iguazu. The Iguazu River originates near … Continue reading

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657 New Islands Discovered

What is an Island? Land that is surrounded by water. Islands are always being created and sometimes destroyed. Earth has 657 more barrier islands than previously thought, according to a new global survey by researchers from Duke University and Meredith … Continue reading

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River Stages:Middle Course of the River – Meanders & Ox-bow Lakes

In this stage the river channel has become much wider and deeper as the channel has been eroded and the river has been fed by many tributaries upstream. Consequently, despite the more gentle gradient the velocity of flow may be … Continue reading

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Quicksand: A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Quicksand is a colloid hydrogel consisting of fine granular matter (such as sand or silt), clay, and salt water. Water circulation underground can focus in an area with the optimal mixture of fine sands and other materials such as clay. The water moves up and then … Continue reading

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Amusing Chocolate Hills in Philippines

The Chocolate Hills are an unusual geological formation in Bohol, Philippines.According to the latest accurate survey done,there are 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometres (20 sq mi). They are covered in green grass that … Continue reading

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Opening and Closing of Ocean Basins

No rock is accidental. No idea in geology is more profound than this; it runs from the center to the whole of geology and influences every subdiscipline of the field. Genuine understanding of the science of geology begins with one’s … Continue reading

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Limestone is an organic, sedimentary rock.It was formed from the remains of tiny shells and micro-skeletons deposited on the sea bed. They were compressed to form solid rock. Limestone is made up of calcium carbonate and reacts with diluted hydrochloric … Continue reading

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Amazing places around the world

Lencois Maranhenses – A desert with lagoons Located in the State of Maranhao, on the north shore of Brazil, the Lenois Maranhenses National Park is an area of about 300 square kms of blinding white dunes and deep blue lagoons, … Continue reading

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Images of Eath Distorted by Earthquakes

Earthquakes are often imagined as opening up large gaps in the land, sinking islands and the such. It is much harder in real life to see this change. NASA has recently released the first ever airborne radar images of the … Continue reading

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Climate change puts an end to India-Bangladesh island dispute

Once a flashpoint in India-Bangladesh ties, the New Moore Island or Purbasha in the Bay of Bengal, which Dhaka called the South Talpatti, has ceased to exist, consumed by the rising sea. This was announced by the School of Oceanographic … Continue reading

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Gigantic crater probably made by space impact in Congo discovered

An Italian scientist team announced the discovery of Wembo-Nyama crater, a gigantic impact crater in  Congo. The new crater, which measures between 36 and 46 kilometres in diameter, is claimed by some scientists to be one of the largest craters … Continue reading

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Dropstones are isolated fragments of rock found within finer-grained water-deposited sedimentary rocks. They range in size from small pebbles to boulders. The critical distinguishing feature is that there is evidence that they were not transported by normal water currents, but … Continue reading

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River Deltas Around the World are Sinking Due to Human Activity

A new study led by the University of Colorado at Boulder indicates most of the world’s low-lying river deltas are sinking from human activity, making them increasingly vulnerable to flooding from rivers and ocean storms and putting tens of millions … Continue reading

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Humans Causing Erosion Comparable To World’s Largest Rivers And Glaciers, Study Finds

A new study finds that large-scale farming projects can erode the Earth’s surface at rates comparable to those of the world’s largest rivers and glaciers.Published online in the journal Nature Geoscience, the research offers stark evidence of how humans are … Continue reading

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Are the deserts getting greener?

It has been assumed that global warming would cause an expansion of the world’s deserts, but now some scientists are predicting a contrary scenario in which water and life slowly reclaim these arid places.The evidence is limited and definitive conclusions … Continue reading

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Mesa and butte

Junction Butte in Canyon-lands National Park, Utah. Part of the Colorado Plateau, the landscape of sedimentary sandstone in this area was eroded into countless canyons, mesas, and buttes by the Colorado River and its tributaries Spanish explorers in the mid-sixteenth … Continue reading

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Deltas have long played an important role in human history. These fertile areas where rivers flow into large bodies of water have served as fishing, farming, and living sites. Of the great deltas around the world, perhaps none has had … Continue reading

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A mountain can be defined as an area of land that rises abruptly from the surrounding region. A mountain range is a succession of many closely spaced mountains covering a particular region of the Earth. Mountain belts consist of several … Continue reading

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