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Ley Farming or Alternate Husbandry:An Ecofriendly System

Ley farming is an agricultural system where the field is alternately seeded for grain and left fallow. Another name for the method is “alternate husbandry”. In ley farming, the field is alternately used for grain or other cash crops for … Continue reading

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Tigers on the “Verge of Extinction”(link)

The world’s tiger population is declining fast despite efforts to save them, and new strategies are urgently needed to keep the species from dying out, international wildlife experts said on Tuesday at a 13-nation Tiger conference held in Kathmandu. Read … Continue reading

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Valuable Rainforest Services

From wetlands to coral reefs, the Earth’s diverse ecosystems support and regulate many of the planet’s most critical natural processes. They also contribute important cultural, social, and economic benefits to human communities. These contributions, known more broadly as “ecosystem services,” … Continue reading

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Farming Systems:Indian Scenario

  Agriculture, also called farming or husbandry, is the cultivation of animals, plants, fungi, and other life forms for food, fiber, biofuel and other products used to sustain life.It is increase of Biomass. Main Types of Farming: 1. Commerical Farming … Continue reading

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Boring Trend:’We’ Are Planting Forests for Carbon Sequestration

Isnt it Boring?Imagine a forest landscape where every tree is aligned and equally spaced apart.Isnt  A forest where there are no sounds, no undergrowth and a distinct lack of species. Could this be the fate of our environment as carbon … Continue reading

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Ten Years of the Biological Diversity Act In India:The Indifference

Ten years after introducing a Biodiversity Act, India is yet to put it to serious use although several large “development” projects have invited controversy for their likely impact on biodiversity,according to an article puplished in EPW. A National Biodiversity Authority … Continue reading

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