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Are We Pushing Sumatran Tigers to Extinction?

  Sumatran Tiger is nearly extinct due to human involvement in its habitat, according to a new research paper. These tigers are found exclusively on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and only 400 of them live today. A high level of … Continue reading

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When it comes to food, technology won’t save us

Originally posted on Grist:
Shutterstock Despite what Monsanto and a surprising number of science writers want you to think, GMOs aren’t the only high-tech game in town when it comes to food and agriculture. In fact, there are groups out…

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Mud Pot or Mud Pool and Paint Pot: Landforms Resulting from volcanic and Biological Activity

One of the most interesting looking features of a thermal area is mudpots. A mudpot  or mud pool is an acidic hot spring, or fumarole, with limited water. It usually takes the form of a pool of bubbling mud. The acid … Continue reading

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Terraced Rice Field, China

Source: Green Yaatra Blog

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And Now Biological Computer(link)

Using only biomolecules like DNA and enzymes, scientists at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have developed  an advanced biological transducer, a computer capable of manipulating genetic codes, and using the output as new input for subsequent computations. The breakthrough might someday … Continue reading

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Highest-resolution Global Forest Cover Dataset

A team of Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a 30-meter resolution forest cover data set that could boost our  efforts to track deforestation and forest degradation. The dataset, which is published in the International Journal of Digital … Continue reading

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Biodiversity Informatics:Bolivia Digitises its Biodiversity

Bolivia has taken a giant step ,its more than 50,000 recently digitised records on the vertebrate fauna of Bolivia are now available to the public and specialists at the first Geospatial Center for Biodiversity of Bolivia (CGB). The record is … Continue reading

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New Hope for Real Time Forest Monitoring System

Now Global Forest Watch 2.0 (GFW 2.0) is a powerful near real-time forest monitoring system  that combines satellite technology, new algorithms, cloud computing, mobile phone technologies, maps and human networks around the world to fight illegal logging and deforestation. GFW … Continue reading

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Neanderthals and Humans may have Coexisted

A trove of Neanderthal fossils including bones of children and adults, discovered in a cave in Greece suggests that the area may have been a key crossroad for ancient humans. The fossils suggests Neanderthals and humans may have at least had … Continue reading

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Holi Special:Marijuana / Cannabis sativa/ Bhang(link)

Marijuana is exctracted from the leaves and flowering tops of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. This plant grows in mild climates throughout the world including mainly parts of India, Africa, Mexico, South America, and the United States. In its prepared … Continue reading

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Dr. Glen Barry proposes a terrestrial ecosystem protection goal to sustain the biosphere and human well-being(link)

Planetary boundaries defines key thresholds in the Earth System’s ecological conditions that precede local or global ecosystem collapse and threaten human well-being. This observational study and literature review aggregate what is known regarding the quantity and quality of terrestrial ecosystems … Continue reading

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Poor Health and Loss of Biodiversity are Slowing Down Economies in Tropics

Per Capita incomes of Tropical countries  could be more than double if they managed to reduce their health burden from vector-borne and parasitic diseases to that of  temperate countries. Scientistss from Harvard Medical School and Princeton University in the United States … Continue reading

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Good News:Coral Found A Way to Survive

Coral reefs are under stress around the world often due to climate change issues. Researchers have uncovered a pattern of gene activity that enables some corals to survive in higher temperatures. Some of the Acropora hyacinthus corals in the back … Continue reading

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Gravity Influences Life Form

Gravitational biology Gravitational biology is the study of the effects gravity has on living organisms. Throughout the history of the Earth life has evolved to survive changing conditions, such as changes in the climate and habitat. The only constant factor … Continue reading

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Ley Farming or Alternate Husbandry:An Ecofriendly System

Ley farming is an agricultural system where the field is alternately seeded for grain and left fallow. Another name for the method is “alternate husbandry”. In ley farming, the field is alternately used for grain or other cash crops for … Continue reading

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Tigers on the “Verge of Extinction”(link)

The world’s tiger population is declining fast despite efforts to save them, and new strategies are urgently needed to keep the species from dying out, international wildlife experts said on Tuesday at a 13-nation Tiger conference held in Kathmandu. Read … Continue reading

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Valuable Rainforest Services

From wetlands to coral reefs, the Earth’s diverse ecosystems support and regulate many of the planet’s most critical natural processes. They also contribute important cultural, social, and economic benefits to human communities. These contributions, known more broadly as “ecosystem services,” … Continue reading

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Farming Systems:Indian Scenario

  Agriculture, also called farming or husbandry, is the cultivation of animals, plants, fungi, and other life forms for food, fiber, biofuel and other products used to sustain life.It is increase of Biomass. Main Types of Farming: 1. Commerical Farming … Continue reading

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Boring Trend:’We’ Are Planting Forests for Carbon Sequestration

Isnt it Boring?Imagine a forest landscape where every tree is aligned and equally spaced apart.Isnt  A forest where there are no sounds, no undergrowth and a distinct lack of species. Could this be the fate of our environment as carbon … Continue reading

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Ten Years of the Biological Diversity Act In India:The Indifference

Ten years after introducing a Biodiversity Act, India is yet to put it to serious use although several large “development” projects have invited controversy for their likely impact on biodiversity,according to an article puplished in EPW. A National Biodiversity Authority … Continue reading

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Islanders Battling Food Shortage using ‘Aquaponics’

A pilot aquaponics experiment is now underway in the Cook Islands that has the potential to become the South Pacific region’s best chance for preventing food shortages. Aquaponics  is a sustainable food production system that combines a traditional aquaculture (raising … Continue reading

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Vertical Farming:Agriculture of Future

The Problem By the year 2050, nearly 80% of the earth’s population will reside in urban centers. Applying the most conservative estimates to current demographic trends, the human population will increase by about 3 billion people during the interim. An … Continue reading

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Contour Farming:A Practice of Rainwater Coservation and Reducing Soil Erosion

Practice of tilling sloped land along lines of consistent elevation in order to conserve rainwater and to reduce soil losses from surface erosion. These objectives are achieved by means of furrows, crop rows, and wheel tracks across slopes, all of … Continue reading

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Thailand Produces useful Maps on Forest land Encroachment

The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry, Thailand, unveiled a new satellite map that will be used to resolve conflicts on forestland encroachment. The new, 1:4,000-scale, map was introduced at a public forum on the problem of forest encroachment held by … Continue reading

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Coral Reefs Are at Risk

Coral reefs face severe challenges even if global warming is restricted to the 2 degrees Celsius commonly perceived as safe for many natural and human-made systems. Warmer sea surface temperatures are likely to trigger more frequent and more intense mass … Continue reading

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Can Nature Parks Save Biodiversity?

The 14 years of wildlife studies in and around Madagascar’s Ranomafana National Park by Sarah Karpanty, associate professor of wildlife conservation at Virginia Tech’s College of Natural Resources and Environment, and her students are summarily part of a paper on … Continue reading

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Epic Dilemma:Food or Forests?

Which is more important?  Forests or Food Crops.Forests are lovely.  Food crops are more nourishing.   United States and China are the world’s top greenhouse-gas emitters. What may be surprising is the country that is third: Indonesia. Indonesia is a major … Continue reading

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Lichen Can Survive in Space: New Light on Origin of Life

You can freeze it, thaw it, vacuum dry it and expose it to radiation, but still life survives. ESA’s research on the International Space Station is giving credibility to theories that life came from outer space — as well as … Continue reading

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WMO launches new weather data system

The UN agency, which launched the system last month (31 January), said it would improve access to meteorological observations and products for stakeholders including the research and disaster risk reduction sectors. read here

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Parasitic Plants Rafflesia cantleyi Steal Genes from Their Hosts!!!

 New research published June 8 in BioMed Central‘s open access journal BMC Genomics reveals that the Malaysian parasitic plant Rafflesia cantleyi, with its 50cm diameter flowers, has ‘stolen’ genes from its host Tetrastigma rafflesiae. Analysis of these genes shows that … Continue reading

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Blooms Of Ocean Plant Life Discovered in NASA Oceanographic Expedition

NASA Scientists have made a biological discovery in Arctic Ocean waters as dramatic and unexpected as finding a rainforest in the middle of a desert. A NASA-sponsored expedition punched through three-foot thick sea ice to find waters richer in phtoplanktons, … Continue reading

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Global Warming Will Turn Arctic Tundra to Forest

Shrubs in the Arctic tundra have turned into trees as a result of the warming Arctic climate, creating patches of forest which, if replicated across the tundra, would significantly accelerate global warming. Scientists from Finland and Oxford University investigated an … Continue reading

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New Role for RNA:Guardian of Genome Integrity

 A new and unexpected role for RNA is identified recently: the defence of genome integrity and stability. A study published in the scientific journal Nature shows that an until now unknown class of RNA — the newly christened DDRNA — … Continue reading

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Arabia Was NOT a Desert Always

Arabia is a vast desert today,but it was not so always.  Satellite images have revealed that a network of ancient rivers once habited Arabian Desert. The images triggered a major potentially ground-breaking research project led by the University of Oxford into … Continue reading

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Too many mangroves is not a good thing :In Dubai, Camels will work to control Them

Too many mangroves is not a good thing —  not at the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary in Dubai, where they were introduced in 1990. So an ecologist at Dubai’s Wildlife Protection office has proposed using camels to trim back … Continue reading

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Bacteria Use Sibling LikeTouch to Communicate:New Study

What if bacteria could talk to each other? What if they had a sense of touch? A new study by researchers at UC Santa Barbara suggests both, and theorizes that such cells may, in fact, need to communicate in order to … Continue reading

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High Productivity Farms Could be Better for Environment than Organic Farms

Inspite all buzz for orhganic farms,new research finds that farms that aim for high food production using environmentally-friendly practices could be better for the environment than both organic and conventional farms. A new study, led by Oxford University scientists    found that … Continue reading

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Amazon Fungus Will Eat Plastic Solving a Big Environmental Problem of Landfills

Popular Science reports that a group of students from Yale found the fungus during an expedition to Ecuador and learned it breaks down polyurethane. This plastic is one of those modern chemical compounds found in so many products and it … Continue reading

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Mosses Triggered Ice Age: Study

New research led by scientists from Oxford University and Exeter University has shown that the invasion of the land by plants in the Ordovician Period (488-443 million years ago) cooled the climate and may have triggered a series of ice … Continue reading

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Issues,Priorities and Challenges for Indian Agriculture:A Worldbank View

While agriculture’s share in India’s economy has progressively declined to 18% due to the high growth rates of the industrial and services sectors, the sector’s importance in India’s economic and social fabric goes well beyond this indicator. First, nearly three-quarters … Continue reading

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Sahel: A Biogeographic Zone

The Sahel is the ecoclimatic and biogeographic zone of transition between the Sahara desert in the North and the Sudanian Savannas in the south. It stretches across the North African continent between the Atlantic Ocean and the Red Sea. The … Continue reading

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A Lost World Deep Down in the Sea

Deep down under the sea is another universe of sheer blackness hidden from the sun. Yet a busy blackness in some cases. Communities of species previously unknown to science have been discovered on the seafloor near Antarctica, clustered in the … Continue reading

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Wolves Return to California

SAN FRANCISCO— For the first time in more than 85 years, a gray wolf has been documented in California. The 2 ½-year-old male, known as OR-7, journeyed more than 700 miles from the northeastern corner of Oregon, crossing into California’s … Continue reading

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Chinese Fossils Shed Light On Evolutionary Origin of Animals

Evidence of the single-celled ancestors of animals, dating from the interval in Earth’s history just before multicellular animals appeared, has been discovered in 570 million-year-old rocks from South China by researchers from the University of Bristol, the Swedish Museum of … Continue reading

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Educating India’s Farmers in New Farming Practices:A New Initiative

Regardless of the adoption of new crops, old and outdated farming practices result in a high rate of crop disease, which affects the standard of living of the farmer and their families. SRIJAN, a leading education resource in India, seeks … Continue reading

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India’s Green Revolution Over?

Farmers in the village of Chotia Khurd in northern India don’t realize it, but they symbolize a growing problem that could become a global crisis. They gathered on a recent morning in a stone-paved courtyard — a circle of Sikhs … Continue reading

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