Work-Life Balance Is Not What It’s About – What Do You Think?

Originally posted on Career Strategies For Women:

I want to share a great article from the Harvard business review by Christine Riordan. She questions the idea of work-life balance in the traditional sense, which we usually think of in terms of separating work from life and then getting them into “balance.”

I like this article because it reiterates thoughts I’ve often shared: that work is a part of life, rather than something we need to think of as in contrast to life. I also like Riordan’s suggestion that what we think of as work-life balance might be better thought of as work-life effectiveness. I think it’s a useful term for reframing our thoughts around the issue.

In my experience as a professional, a manager, and now a career coach, I’ve seen time and time again that life does not stop when you arrive at work. You want your work to be a positive part of your life –…

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One Response to Work-Life Balance Is Not What It’s About – What Do You Think?

  1. lenrosen4 says:

    Good find. I have always ascribed to the philosophy that if your work is something you enjoy then it integrates well into your life. Work you don’t enjoy usually leads to questions about “work-life balance.


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