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Fish-Eye Zooms in Electronic Map

Alps Mapping KK released an online electronic map on which users can magnify selected parts of the map, as if using a fish-eye lens, without interrupting the continuity of roads and rail tracks. The free service “Fish-Eye” was launched March … Continue reading

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Bangalore First City in World to have Lead Map

Bangalore will soon be the first city in the world to have a lead map. The map will indicate the presence of lead in samples of water, soil, plants, milk, paints, ceramic and plastic articles, from different parts of the … Continue reading

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Santhal:Largest Tribal Community in India

Largest tribal community in India, found mainly in the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa. Satars or Santhals are one of the most backward ethnic groups of the neighboring country Nepal. They live in the districts of Jhapa, … Continue reading

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Media Hype on ‘Melting’ Antarctic Ignores Record Ice Growth

The media is once again hyping an allegedly dire consequence of man-made global warming. This time the media is promoting the ice loss of one tiny fraction of the giant ice-covered continent and completely ignoring the current record ice growth … Continue reading

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Ice cubes melt on volcanoes

Andrew Bolt wrote on March 29,2008: It may not be just warmer water that’s caused part of Antarctica – ice sheets on the smaller Western part – to melt, after all. The glaciers there just happen to be sitting close … Continue reading

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    Introduction Netherlands Background: The Dutch United Provinces declared their independence from Spain in 1579; during the 17th century, they became a leading seafaring and commercial power, with settlements and colonies around the world. After a 20-year French occupation, … Continue reading

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Flood control in the Netherlands

Netherlands has been struggling against floods since the first people settled there. Over 60% of the country lies beneath mean sea-level. Countless people have lost their homes and their lives to floods from the sea or the rivers that could … Continue reading

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Map Making

Cartography or mapmaking (in Greek chartis = map and graphein = write) has been an integral part of the human story for a long time (maybe 8,000 years – nobody knows exactly, but longer than written words). From cave paintings … Continue reading

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Iran to India Natural Gas Pipeline: The Issue

The Issue Since the discovery of natural gas reserves in Iran’s South Pars fields in 1988, the Iranian government began increasing efforts to promote higher gas exports abroad. The prospects for profit are especially high in South Asian countries like … Continue reading

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Sea Level Rise Map

Description Projected sea level rise (~0.35 m) during the twenty-first century, as a result of global warming. This is a topographic map designed to emphasize regions near sea level that could potentially be vulnerable to sea level rise. Though the … Continue reading

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Global Warming and Sea Level Rise

You wake up abruptly as police sirens begin blaring outside of your home. As you stumble to turn on the light, you hear something being said on a bullhorn about evacuation. A minute later, air raid sirens join in the … Continue reading

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Tharu Tribe

The Tharu people are indigenous people living in the Surkhet Valley in the west mountain region, Chitwan Valley, Dang Valley,Deukhuri Valley,Sindhuli and Udyapur in Inner Terai Valleys of Nepal and the Terai plains on the border of Nepal and India. … Continue reading

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Pollution is the addition to the ecosystem of someting which has a detrimental effect on it. One of the most important causes of pollution is the high rate of energy usage by modern, growing populations. Different kinds of pollution are … Continue reading

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Safe Water in Peril

More than one billion people lack access to safe drinking water, and more than two billion people live without improved sanitation. While these dire conditions already pose the greatest threat to environmental health around the world, global warming is set … Continue reading

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Bringing Safe Water to the World

Almost every day, Sarah and her best friend walk to a deep hole dug into a dry riverbed in Sudan to fetch water for their families. It’s a seven-and-a-half-hour journey in brutal heat, the return trip made even more arduous … Continue reading

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NASA Satellite Measures Pollution From East Asia To North America

In a new NASA study, researchers taking advantage of improvements in satellite sensor capabilities offer the first measurement-based estimate of the amount of pollution from East Asian forest fires, urban exhaust, and industrial production that makes its way to western … Continue reading

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National Campaign for Nutritional Awareness and Mapping of Malnutritional Areas in India

New Delhi – The Ministry of Women and Child Development will launch a nationwide campaign create nutritional awareness in the country. State level nutritional reviews will be held annually and efforts will be made for district- wise mapping of high … Continue reading

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Perhaps The Climate Change Models Are Wrong

Lorne Gunter, National Post  Published: Monday, March 24, 2008 Bob Strong, Reuters They drift along in the worlds’ oceans at a depth of 2,000 metres — more than a mile deep — constantly monitoring the temperature, salinity, pressure and velocity of … Continue reading

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PHOTO IN THE NEWS: Gamma-Ray Burst Visible to Naked Eye

March 21, 2008—Scientists have detected an interstellar explosion so bright that it was briefly visible to the naked eye—from 7.5 billion light-years away. Viewers looking at the right patch of night sky on Wednesday would have seen several afterglows from … Continue reading

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Global Warming: Is it Happening?

Is It Happening? Yes. Earth is already showing many signs of worldwide climate change. • Average temperatures have climbed 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degree Celsius) around the world since 1880, much of this in recent decades, according to NASA’s Goddard … Continue reading

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The climatic effects of water vapour

This article is a couple of years old but it is excellent. I have been meaning to write about it for some time but there have been recent discussions on the web regarding the thermodynamic tendencies of the entire planet, … Continue reading

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Global Warming Basics

What causes global warming? Carbon dioxide and other air pollution that is collecting in the atmosphere like a thickening blanket, trapping the sun’s heat and causing the planet to warm up. Coal-burning power plants are the largest U.S. source of … Continue reading

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Water Cycle

The Earth’s water is always in circulation. It has been recycled for the last 3 billion years. This process is called the water cycle. The cycle starts when the sun’s heat evaporates water from the oceans into the atmosphere to … Continue reading

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Currents of the Ocean

This illustration shows the circulation of the ocean’s surface water. Names of the major ocean currents are noted. Warm currents are noted in the color red and cold currents are noted in the color blue. Click on image for full … Continue reading

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Historical Data on Global Warming

Historical Data on Global Warming provided by U.S. Government Agencies By Dan Pangburn, P.E. I have been researching the global warming issue for months. I am a licensed Mechanical Engineer with an MSc in Mechanical Engineering. The following is a … Continue reading

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The Physical Ocean

Physical oceanography is the study of the physical properties and dynamic processes of the oceans. Physical oceanographers study the interaction of the ocean with the atmosphere, how the ocean stores and releases heat, the physical properties (or chemical content) of … Continue reading

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Earthquake is a shaking of the ground caused by the sudden breaking and shifting of large sections of Earth’s rocky outer shell. Earthquakes are among the most powerful events on earth, and their results can be terrifying. A severe earthquake … Continue reading

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Ocean Topography from Space

Our home, the Earth, experiences some of the most varied and interesting weather in the Solar System. This is because the Earth is actually a water-world, with some 70% of its surface covered by a vast, deep ocean. The world-ocean … Continue reading

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The Structure of the Ocean Floor(Ocean Topography)

The study of landforms is the science of topography. When we speak of the topography of the ocean floor, we mean the various shapes that the bottom of the ocean can take. We tend to picture the ocean floor as … Continue reading

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An ocean (from Ωκεανός, Okeanos (Oceanus) in Greek) is a major body of saline water, and a principal component of the hydrosphere. Approximately 71% of the Earth‘s surface (an area of some 361 million square kilometers) is covered by ocean, … Continue reading

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GPS – Leading the way

Go left or is it right? If you are afraid to ask, you can depend on these GPS devices. New Delhi: Global positioning system (GPS) devices have begun making inroads, although the progress is slower than one would expect in … Continue reading

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Delhi to have intelligent traffic system by 2010

The capital’s traffic system is in for a major overhaul before the Commonwealth Games in 2010, with Delhi Police planning to put in place an IT-driven Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) which will monitor and streamline vehicular movement. Dedicated lanes for … Continue reading

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Global Warming Bringing Spring Earlier

Washington, D.C.’s famous cherry trees are primed to burst in a perfect pink peak about the end of this month. Thirty years ago, the trees usually waited to bloom until around April 5. In central California, the first of the … Continue reading

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Hundreds of Salt Deposits Spotted on Mars

Evidence of a dense brine that once oozed on Mars could bring new vigor to the search for salt-loving life-forms on the red planet. Mikki Osterloo of the University of Hawaii and colleagues have discovered hundreds of small depressions that … Continue reading

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Population and Migration

Population The world is facing many complex population and migration dynamics over the next 50 years. The current world population of 6.5 billion is estimated to be growing by 1.2% annually, reaching over nine billion by 2050, according to the … Continue reading

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New Book on Global Warming

If you don’t think climate change produces winners as well as losers, consider this: In the 12th and 13th centuries England exported wine to France. Vineyards also flourished in improbable regions like southern Norway and eastern Prussia. A centuries-long spell … Continue reading

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White Dwarfs

Where do White Dwarfs Come From? Where a star ends up at the end of its life depends on the mass it was born with. Stars that have a lot of mass may end their lives as black holes or … Continue reading

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Neutron Stars

Neutron stars are compact objects that are created in the cores of massive stars during supernova explosions. The core of the star collapses, and crushes together every proton with a corresponding electron turning each electron-proton pair into a neutron. The … Continue reading

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Neutron Stars and Pulsars

A neutron star is about 20 km in diameter and has the mass of about 1.4 times that of our Sun. This means that a neutron star is so dense that on Earth, one teaspoonful would weigh a billion tons! … Continue reading

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Global Warming: An Inconvenient Truth

WHAT IS GLOBAL WARMING? Carbon dioxide and other gases warm the surface of the planet naturally by trapping solar heat in the atmosphere. This is a good thing because it keeps our planet habitable. However, by burning fossil fuels such … Continue reading

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Global Warming

Global Warming Global warming is an increase in the average temperature of Earth’s surface. Since the late 1800′s, the global average temperature has increased about 0.7 to 1.4 degrees F (0.4 to 0.8 degrees C). Many experts estimate that the … Continue reading

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Protostars Bright Stars Red Giants White Dwarfs Birth of a Star Protostars are stars that are about to be born. These are glowing clouds of interstellar gas and dust, which look like dark spots in the midst of light. Gravity … Continue reading

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Reciting Salawath on our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is an activity that will be accepted by Allah, even if we don’t have Ikhlas (piety)”. Volcano A volcano is an opening, or rupture, in a planet’s surface or crust, … Continue reading

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Glaciers are made up of fallen snow that, over many years, compresses into large, thickened ice masses. Glaciers form when snow remains in one location long enough to transform into ice. What makes glaciers unique is their ability to move. … Continue reading

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Lava Flows and Their Effects

Fluid basalt lava flow, Mauna Loa, Hawai`i What are Lava Flows? Lava flows are streams of molten rock that pour or ooze from an erupting vent. Lava is erupted during either nonexplosive activity or explosive lava fountains. Lava flows destroy … Continue reading

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ESA Leads Endeavour To Save Earth Science Data

The amount of information being generated about our planet is increasing at an exponential rate, but it must be easily accessible in order to apply it to the global needs relating to the state of the Earth. GENESI-DR (Ground European … Continue reading

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